The Agenda Turn Every Man Woman and Child Into A Satanist

Its starts in early childhood, and usually ends without the person even knowing they have become dark. Throughout time, the elite have begun a process in Americans, and other countries around the world. That plan is indoctrinating every person into satanic practice, and making the people not even realize it.

Our children are in danger of being inducted into clubs and organizations hosted by satanically controlled individuals. Many times throughout history has the world experienced this sort of “take-over” and it never ends well. People fall for the lusts of the flesh and forsake the path to righteousness. However, many children/ teenagers never truly hear about right or wrong anymore because doing so and teaching your children is now considered a crime. Instead or children are growing up without respect and knowing that they can when they want break the rules.

The Agenda Turn Every Man Woman and Child Into A Satanist
The Agenda Turn Every Man Woman and Child Into A Satanist

This effective plan, has worked before and is working against us right now. Many people with eyes to see are stating the same thing. The change in people lately, the anger, the frustration, the lust; there is something dark driving these people into sin and desperation.

Recently, a frat in Indiana at one of the most well known and respectable colleges has yet again been caught allowing sexual assault and hazing. At Indiana University, The Alpha Tau Omega chapter has been “suspended” after a video surfaced online showing a group of men performing a horrific hazing ceremony.


“It’s unclear who leaked the 29-second clip, now circulating on Twitter through an account called “ATO Video,” or when the events therein took place. It appears to show a crowd of shirtless men crouched around two women and a group of clothed male onlookers, while another man is kicked as his head is between the second woman’s legs. All that’s heard above the cheering is one man yelling “Scotty” repeatedly. According to the tweet source, the woman apparently receiving oral sex (forcibly or otherwise) is a stripper.”

Through out our lives the elite have plans to use and manipulate us through our fleshy desires, and thus far they have continued proving that point. The latest pivot point in human history is the announcing of an unholy church. This church is not an ordinary church, in fact it’s the greater church of lucifer. In quaint Old Town Spring, Texas this unholy monument from hell is set to open its doors in roughly 3 and 1/2 weeks.

Luciferianism has been around in some form for centuries, but this is the first time members have erected a building to conduct services.

 One of the co-founders, who goes by the pen name Jacob No, said for people who visit, they’ll get a different kind of church experience.

“We do not have a preacher,” No said.  “We do not have somebody saying, ‘This is the way it has to be, you have to live this way.'”

Although some of their symbols may be disturbing to outsiders, leaders said they view Lucifer not in the Judeo-Christian view as the devil, but as a source of light that challenges people to think outside the box.  
For them, it’s all about the individual.

There are two sides to the devil, the light and the dark; one is called satan, that old serpent, and the other is called lucifer, the “light”. Time and time again, people fall for the obscene thought that man is God. Man is not perfect, mankind is filled with flaws because mankind keeps falling for the same old game; power, greed, lust, desire, gluttony, laziness, and self-service.

While this church is a monumental move in our history as a whole; it surely is not going forward, but backward.

Wake up, before it is to late. The signs of the times are all around; hypothetically, imagine a world where no one can confront another without being called names, and thrown in jail for “discrimination”, then give it 5-10 years and soon before you know it satanism will be accepted because there will be no resistance.

They claim it is for freedom, but it is not, it is enslavement to the corrupt ruler of the earth. The agenda continues.

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