The Control Freaks Are At It Again Detroit Water Shut Off Meanwhile The FCC Gives Free Internet To The Poor



First Obama, FEDS takes control of all water ways in America then Texas becomes flooded and Detroit faces another water crisis. Can we spell disaster yet?


The Obama administration has made their agenda very clear and that is to control America and Americans. Every move this President makes has made him more and more dictatorial with little to no resistance.

The major problem facing Americans is the loss of water, even before gun control. Simply because with out water there is no life. Now that Obama has control of all the water ways, which includes streams, lakes, ponds, and ditches, where in the world can mankind get free water from in America if restrictions where imposed? No where.

The Control Freaks Are At It Again Detroit Water Shut Off Meanwhile The FCC Gives Free Internet To The Poor


Detroit is a great example, and a very sad story. The city used to be an icon for America is now broke, and on the verge of a horrific water crisis. Its not a drought, its not a flood; its the fact that the people can’t afford their water or as in some cases people can afford for water and the city is restricting access anyways.

This water crisis has 2 sides to the story. One is the obvious the water being shut off the other is the UN’s involvement. Why is the UN attempting to deal with this situation when the issue is on American soil?

The UN has no authority here, or does it? Under the guise of the ‘good guys’ the UN is going to save the day. When in fact it is as simple as problem, outcome, solution. In other words they create a problem, foretell the outcome, and provide a solution. That solution will be something in regards to agenda 21. Agenda 21 is not a good thing nor should it ever be considered in America yet the moves are being made to make America apart of the agenda 21 infrastructure and have been in place for a very long time.

The totalitarian control is here, and it is not coming all that is left is the planned destruction.

The City of Detroit began shutting off water access to residents behind on payments Tuesday, with thousands at risk of losing access.

According to the Detroit Free Press, 64,769 delinquent residential customers owe the city’s water department a combined $48.9 million.

That figure tops the estimated 41,000 individuals who Food and Water Watch (FWW), an advocacy group, says lacked any water as of January (there is likely overlap between the groups).

The city started sending out shut-off warnings May 11. According to the Free Press, Mayor Mike Duggan is proceeding with the shutoff orders over the wishes of city council members, who voted on May 12 to freeze the shutoff until an assistance plan to help affected residents was enacted.

FWW’s Lynna Kaucheck says Duggan tried implementing one last year that gave discounts to qualified residents, but that program proved too expensive for most residents.

“They might be able to afford it for month or two, and then they would default,” she told Fusion. “We need an affordability program based on ability to pay.”

This type of plan would tier water pricing by people’s ability to pay, though it would cause water prices for other users to increase.

Such a plan is now being considered by the city council, which established an affordability task force that met for the first time on Friday.

Last year, the United Nations warned the city that the shutoffs were violations of residents’ human rights, and called on the city to stop them and reconnect their houses.

“None of those things happened,” Kauchek said.

Detroit residents are not the only ones facing water shut-offs: In March, Baltimore residents began receiving turn-off notices; according to the Baltimore Sun, 25,000 water customers are delinquent.

Source: Detroit is starting to shut off people’s water again | Fusion

In a far less severe issue, but notable; the FCC is coming for control of the internet under the guise of giving the internet for free to the poor. Information like water should always be free. Information is how people communicate, learn, etc. The internet is one of, if not the best, places information flows freely. Recently the control freaks were after the alternative media, and tried to shut down the flow of truthful information.

They lost round 1. Round 2, create a problem. The economy in this country is so unfair and so unevenly balanced, see below:


That no one stands a chance against getting out of debt even if you are in the middle class, chances are you have a lot of debt. Well, if the outcome is not how they wanted, then the elite have a solution, that solution is to give the poor free access to the internet. Exciting right? Think again, the FCC can then control what is delivered to your house through the ‘free internet’, and no they won’t stop the porn. It will most likely stop websites that expose what they do in secret. Such as this one. Problem solved.

Now another reason could be also for spying, recently the NSA spying has come to a halt, but only for a brief time. Through the internet, the NSA has access to almost everything on the internet through companies like Google and Facebook. What does this mean, it means that the ‘free internet’ is then controlled and monitored. Problem solved.

They just killed 2 birds with one stone, and that includes you and me.