False Flag Imminent: The Obvious Warning About The Looming DHS shutdown!

The DHS shutdown has potential to prove to the mainstream people of America that they are needed for protection IF a false flag terror attack occurs. The mainstream populace of this nation are dead asleep to the fact that the Alphabet agencies are behind most if not all of the terror attacks since 9/11. This is the reason for the obvious warning about the looming DHS shutdown.

When this shutdown occurs, as Obama has warned, this will threaten our economy and security as he stated in the below excerpt from Reuters:

“(Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama said on Monday that a partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security would mean more than 100,000 border patrol, port inspection and airport security agents would be left without a paycheck.

“It will have a direct impact on your economy, and it will have a direct impact on America’s national security because their hard work helps to keep us safe,” Obama said in a speech to a meeting of state governors at the White House”

Their hard work is attacking America, so the obvious worry is about a false flag threat that would “prove” their place by simply their absence. The looming question is will the false flag terror attack happen before the shut down or after? According to Michael Savage, there has already been a threat released from his source which is an ex-military high-up. That threat is for February 28th 2015 and is being called the international day of blood by jihadists around the world.


Will this happen? No one knows but the threat is there, which means that there is potential for a false flag attack. The immediate economic damage would be felt by only those who work for the DHS.

The truth is, if Obama would back out of his amnesty plan then there is a possibility that they would not shutdown. However, because of his job as the presidential puppet, the powers that be want to flood this nation with illegal militants, migrants, and disease. That is what is playing out on the border currently.

The UN is also involved in this entire scheme hiding and waiting to strike under the guise that the people crossing are “refugees”. According to law the UN cannon get involved in an international incident until migrants become refugees. Which we have seen the UN trucks stationed here and waiting for the signal, we have also seen the terminology change from migrant to refugee. Leading to the conclusion that at any moment the “UN snake” could strike. Suddenly from that point on international law trumps the constitution. When such does take place, the gun grab agenda would now begin on an international level.

The above is only a possibility and not a definite agenda. The gun grab agenda is obviously a real agenda. However the UN trumping the constitution would be a bit more of a far stretch because there are people in place to attempt to stop this tyrannical movement. The people of this country do not, do not want this to become The North American Union for many reasons, but the other “visitors” however would like to see that take place.

All signs point to a coming “false flag attack” however the obvious question is when.

Michael Savage Article about February 28th 2015

Freedom Fighter Radio Broadcast where the above is mentioned can be found below:


All of the above is one possibility of an event taking place. With the recent threats that have been received it appears as though this “event” is sooner rather than later.