The Future; Martial Law Tech, Gravity Sensors that can See Through Walls and Underground

Recently the US based research facility, LIGO, discovered gravitational waves proving Einsteins theory of general relativity. However, astrophysicists are not the only ones interested in understanding gravitational waves. The MOD, Ministry of Defense in the UK, has created a device for military purposes; that can detect tiny fluctuations in gravity.

The discovery paves the way for a new era in radar technology for military application. The small fluctuations in gravitational waves, can be detected through walls, and underground. This device, could lead to sensors that are immune to jamming or stealth technology designed which are designed to beat conventional systems like radar.

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The device is such a breakthrough that it could also lead to the undoing of modern day GPS via satellite which are vulnerable to attacks.

“Neil Stansfield, of the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory, said the new quantum gravity detector works by using lasers to freeze atoms in position and then measuring how the tiny particles are affected by the gravitational pull of nearby objects.

By studying how the particles are influenced by the mass of nearby objects, scientists can then draw a 3D map highlighting how density changes nearby.

Mr Stansfield said one potential use would be to allow people to see underground.

He said: “Seeing underground is an obvious one. From a national security perspective, the potential is obvious if you can see caves and tunnels.”

“There is also huge potential for civilian applications.” He said currently half of road works are in the wrong place because workers have no idea where pipes are buried. The new sensor would be able to accurately map what was underground. “

If Martial Law were to ever break out, or any kind of world war 3; there will be no place on this planet to hide. Which is why the defense departments of the world are so interested in these advancements in technology.

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