The amount of ‘omens’, ‘demonic possessions’, and demonic sightings have shot through the roof. While the rest of the world blames psychology, the real answer is the unseen force plaguing this world. Our world is under siege by an unseen force, laying waste to unknowing individuals; while the wicked creep mankind is fast asleep. The time is now to wake up, the time is now to repent; there is not much time left. What took place in Peru today is evidence of such, eighty children fell siege to demonic possession simultaneously.

Scores of children at a school in Peru have suffered seizures and described visions of a man in black trying to kill them in what locals say was a mass case of ‘demonic possession’

Understanding the true nature of war humanity is in requires a certain understanding; and that is, that everything is spiritual. What happens first in the spirit manifests into the physical, and in this age; it is all too obvious what is going on in spirit. Today in Peru, eighty children fell victim to demonic possession.

The children began convulsing and all eighty of them claimed to have visions of a ‘man in black’ trying to kill them. While there is no way to tell for certain what demon manifested as the ‘man in black’ which was trying to kill them, it is quite evident that the spiritual warfare is raging on and humanity is fast asleep to what really is taking over this planet.

While some individuals are wide awake to the world around us, far too many forsake the spiritual world around us. Far too many have fallen away from faith, and far too many choose to live as they please in their own sin. Unbeknownst to them, Satan is the ruler of their lives and the ruler of this world, because humanity will not give this world back to God.

Disturbing footage has emerged of up to 80 students convulsing, screaming and fainting at Elsa Perea Flores School in northern Peru’s Tarapot

This is not the first time an incident has happened like such, just recently another ‘mass demonic possession also took place; however, that time it was on the small next to Madagascar. A place where a total of 25 cases were reported at the school and it mostly involved the girls.

Here is the footage and images of what took place on May 18th 2016:


Experts are struggling to explain the hysteria that broke out at the school, which was reportedly built on a Mafia graveyard.

Dozens of youngsters have been experiencing the supposedly contagious ‘condition’ since it was first reported in April.

Children aged between 11 and 14 are reportedly fainting and having strong muscular convulsions.

hocking video shows pupils who are barely conscious, repeatedly screaming, and who appear to be delirious.

Doctor Antony Choy told national channel Panamericana TV: ‘We don’t understand how this has kept going on.

‘We know it started on April 29 and now it is still happening. Now there are almost 80 pupils [still affected].’

Elsa de Pizango, a concerned mother whose daughter has experienced some of the symptoms, said: ‘She fainted in school. They didn’t say anything at the hospital. She just fainted. She keeps on spitting froth from her mouth.’

Describing her experience, a pupil not named in local media, said: ‘It’s disturbing for me to think about it. It’s as if someone kept on chasing me from behind.

‘It was a tall man all dressed in black and with a big beard and it felt like he was trying to strangle me.


‘My friends say I was screaming desperately, but I don’t remember much.’

Another schoolgirl said she had trouble breathing and was desperately holding her neck as if someone was strangling her. According to her friends, she kept screaming: ‘Take it out.’

Another anonymous girl, aged 13, told local media: ‘Several children from different classrooms fainted at the same time. I got nauseous and started vomiting. I heard voices. A man in black chased me and wanted to touch me.’

Franklin Steiner, a parapsychologist who investigates paranormal and psychic phenomena – said: ‘It is known that years ago there were many victims of terrorism here. When this school was built, some say bones and dead bodies were found.’

Peru Demonic Possession

Locals believe this is a case of demonic interference, saying some children must have played games that invoke demons such as using a Ouija board.

A Ouija board is marked with letters and numbers and some use it in the belief that they will be abe to communicate with souls of the dead.

As of yet, there has been no rational or official explanation for the phenomenon.

Peru Demonic Possession

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