School Reports 25 Demon Possessions


The signs of the End Times are all around us. The world is under and by an unseen force, one of which mankind has brought upon itself. Recently, the amount of ‘omens’, ‘demonic possessions’, and demonic sightings have shot through the roof. While the rest of the world blames psychology, the real answer is the unseen force plaguing this world.

An emergency meeting was called on Monday after reports of multiple students’ eyes rolling into the backs of their heads while their bodies spasmed uncontrollably.


Given the reality of the matter, many officials are attempting to wipe the incident off, or cover it up after their investigation is through. However, the parents at Jean Lafosse College, in the French Indian Ocean Island of Reunion, made claims that the incident was caused by “spirits.”

French magazine L’Independent interviewed one mother; “We often see spirits come on people, but it’s always in particular locations – in a temple for example, but not outside.

“Here it’s not normal.”


Another added that her daughter was “afraid to go to school in the morning”.

A total of 25 cases reported at the school, mostly affecting the girls, headmaster Gervias Fontaine said. The parents are so afraid because first responders cannot help. Instead, the parents are resorting to exorcisms.

While in this case, the manner is not and will not be handled until these individuals repent of their sins and confess Jesus Christ as Lord. The point of the matter is that this is not the only case of demonic activity ongoing around the world.

Many different videos depicting “strange incidents” world are surfacing at an alarming rate, here is a compilation of just a few of the vast amounts of phenomenons reported.

The world is a vastly different place than what the media reports; the truth is that we are at war, and this war is of the Spiritual nature. The time to wake up is now.

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