Imagine on your next trip to the grocery store, that there were no checkouts, no cashiers, and no lines. You could simply walk in, grab what you need and go. Sounds great right? Amazon has created a ‘next-level’ grocery store in Seattle that does just that by utilizing machine intelligence and facial recognition software. New technology like this is paving the way towards microchip implants, and the mark of the beast.

Amazon, the largest online shopping network in the world is entering into the real world, and their first step is Amazon Go, a store that utilizes a smartphone app and cashier-less store.


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Sounds great right? No.

Amazons’ store paves the way towards the Mark of the Beast by creating an environment where an application can “check out” for you. In other words, what takes place when you walk into the ‘go’ store can be understood with three steps.


1Scan a personally identifiable barcode, within the Go app.

Sound familiar?

Revelation 13:16-17 1599 Geneva Version

16 And he made all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads.

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.

The barcode, within the app, given to the customer is one step short of an implantable microchip. Currently, microchip technology is on the rise, and in recent months has been included into bank cards, atm cards, credit cards, and so on. According to ‘Dr. Oz’ – Chip technology is the next big thing.

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2An artificial intelligence monitors your every move, breath, and facial expression, computer vision; while inside the store.

The artificial intelligence that is monitoring every breath, facial expression and every step taken within the go store is saving all of that information into a single database. The Amazon store showcases that sooner rather than later – a vast database with every facial expression and feature of every person who walks into an Amazon go store will be saved and stored. The 1984 Orwellian nightmare of a totalitarian police state has gotten one step closer.

The artificial intelligence being used is machine learning and computer vision, meaning that as it gets used – it learns on its own. Machine learning, specifically, is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Meaning there is no person actively inputting information into the machine – it is teaching itself every single facial expression and feature.

Computer Vision tasks include methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images, and in general, deal with the extraction of high-dimensional data from the real world to produce numerical or symbolic information. Learning in this context means the transformation of visual images (the input of the retina) into descriptions of the world that can interface with other thought processes and elicit appropriate action. This picture understanding can be seen as the disentangling of characteristic information from image data using models constructed with the aid of geometry, physics, statistics, and learning theory.

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3The application and artificial intelligence tracks when you pick up an item, put one back, exit the store, totals your order, and charges your card; sensor fusion.

Sensor fusion is a process by which data from several different sensors are “fused” to compute something more than could be determined by any one sensor alone. A sensor is in your phone and links to your barcode which tracks your location and movement, a sensor is placed on every item picked up within the store, every item that gets put back, and once you cross the checkout line, sensors compile the total of items picked up – and charges your Amazon account.

While it all seems ‘fantastic’, it is in fact not. Once an individual leaves the store who’s to say that machine learning doesn’t just keep tracking you all the way home? What’s to say that shortly, there will be no need for a phone just scan your wrist, that has an embedded microchip.

Amazon Go breaches privacy, and paves the way towards the Mark of the Beast, directly. Without a shadow of a doubt, the first store in Seattle will be a testing ground for how the elite can systematically indoctrinate the masses into the “need” for embedding microchip technology into an individual’s body. Not to mention, the Amazon Go store further demonstrates how technology will replace all jobs far and wide, starting with the cashier. What say you reader?