Artificial Creation, Lab-Made Humans: Scientists Grow Human Eggs to Full Maturity Outside the Womb

For the first time, scientists have developed human eggs, outside the of the human body, from the earliest stages in ovarian tissue and grown them to full maturity.

The research paves the way towards lab-grown humans, and further increases the reality that mankind is attempting to remove the Hand of God from creation.

Artificial wombs, artificial eggs, artificial intelligence, all of which was once science fiction, is now becoming reality. Happening now is the research to create children outside of a mothers womb, and even further, entirely design the creation through manipulating its DNA.

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For the reason of alleviating infertility, scientists have sidestepped the ethical boundaries, and are directly closing in on developing methods to create lab-grown babies.

“Being able to fully develop human eggs in the lab could widen the scope of available fertility treatments. We are now working on optimizing the conditions that support egg development in this way and studying how healthy they are,” said Evelyn Telfer, who co-led the work.

“This early data suggests this may well be feasible in the future,” said Ali Abbara, a senior clinical lecturer in endocrinology at Imperial College London.

“(But) the technology remains at an early stage, and much more work is needed to make sure that the technique is safe and optimized before we ascertain whether these eggs remain normal during the process, and can be fertilized to form embryos that could lead to healthy babies.” – See Works Cited for Sourcing Information

As previously discussed in our section on Genetic Engineering, scientists are creating the possibility to develop humans outside of the womb, through what is called an artificial womb.

Scientists and researchers have worked tirelessly to bring to life an ‘ectogenesis,’ where humanity no longer needs humanity to create babies. The coming problem is much bigger than the one we face today, and unfortunately so many fail to realize the drastic shift in our culture is due to an agenda driving scientific discovery.

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In fact, science has brought us so close to these ungodly creations that artists are beginning to develop ‘the style’ of artificial wombs. In the video above, two university students have developed what a realistic artificial womb could look like, in the near future.

While implementation of these ‘developments’ is still a ways off, the technology, methodology, and ability to further push the bounds ethics and humanity is already available.

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