Taking possession to a whole new level, scientists have figured out how to hack the brain to control limbs and body movements.

Through a process called magneto-thermal stimulation, the researchers first implant specially built DNA strands and nanoparticles which attach to specific neurons, and then the brain can be remotely controlled via an alternating magnetic field. The stimulation works when magnetic inputs are applied, the particles heat up, and that causes the neurons to fire.

The devilish experiment was performed on mice, and the researchers were able to successfully control the movement of the animals, causing them to freeze, lock up their limbs, turn around, or even run.

The research conducted was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and the Human Frontier Science Program. The research was originally published in March of 2017 and published on August 14, 2017. The entirety of the publication can be seen here, and or viewed below.

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In July of 2017, a company called Three Square Market (32M) began offering implanted chips to employees interested in being bio-hacked, all over the world organizations and free people are beginning to take an interest in biohacking. The publication above is research in that realm, and it allows for an individual to control another person’s movements remotely. As of late, in the world of technology, everything is moving in one direction, and alarmingly fast, mankind is beginning to mix itself with machines, but few have examined the practical consequences.

Elon Musk warned that technology is far more deadly than North Korea with a nuclear arsenal. In addition, several other prominent figures in the world of computing have warned of the inevitable outcome as well such as Julian Assange. The co-founder of Wikileaks warned that those in silicon valley are creating what they believe to be a utopia where they can live forever, but in reality, there are grave consequences to their actions that the engineers are simply just wiping away as lunacy.

Science and technology are paving the way towards a world where brain implants allow the remote control of an individuals body. The Bible warns the Christian to guard his or her mind. In 1 Peter 1:13; “Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind: be sober, and trust perfectly on that grace that is brought unto you, in the revelation of Jesus Christ.” Granting control of your physical being to another entity would be in direct contrast as to what scripture states and thus the bio hacking industry should be avoided at all costs.