Scientists are predicting that in 2017, the first true brain-to-brain communication in people could begin. Scientists are actively constructing the method that will forge the way for governmental agencies to influence thoughts, and control minds through devices such as an eeg cap. Through technological telepathy anyone ‘connected’ to the system could control, trigger and read thoughts of another individual.

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Understanding how the brain works brings to light the difficulty of brain-to-brain communication or telepathy. The way humans think is unique and how each individual thinks about a certain concept is influenced by our experiences and memories. This creates different patterns within the brain, but if neuroscientists can learn one individual’s patterns, they may be able to trigger certain thoughts in that person’s brain. In theory, they could then use someone else’s brain activity to trigger these thoughts.

“You could detect certain thought processes and use them to influence other people’s decisions.”

So far, researchers have managed to get two people, sitting in different rooms, to play a game of 20 questions on a computer. The participants transmitted “yes” or “no” answers, thanks to EEG caps that monitored brain activity, with a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation triggering an electrical current in the other person’s mind. By pushing this further, it may be possible to detect certain thought processes, and use them to influence those of another person, including the decisions they make. – Read More

Another attempt at brain-to-brain communication is when several individuals are brought together; their brain activity is placed on a single electronic device. This method was accomplished in animals already. Three monkeys with brain implants have learned to think together, cooperating to control and move a robotic arm.

Similar work was also done in rats, scientists connected their brains to a “brainet,” the next steps would involve developing a human equivalent.

The result would allow for any individual to alter a ‘connected’ person’s thoughts. Thus, would pave the way for the hive-mind, and towards the control system of the Mark of the Beast.