Humanity is rapidly changing, and with that change comes the mixing of biology and technology. Scientists and researchers seek to give mankind a New Age ’Sixth Sense,’ but the cabal aims to use technology to close the prison doors. The day that technology became witchcraft, is the day that humans can feel sound, hear taste, and sense movement from miles away.

Science and technology can grant the deaf, ears; and the blind, eyes by way of plugging in technology to sensory receptors within the brain, which allows the brain to process the results.

Cochlear implants and retinal implants have proven that technology and biology can work together, to replace certain senses that an individual may be lacking. However, what was unknown until recently was the reality that the brain can also process many other ‘senses’ outside the traditional five; sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound.

Neuroscientist, David Eagleman plans on extending the brains capability to receive signals, which in turn would allow humans to interact with different wavelengths of life such as vision in infrared and connecting the brain to the internet. Eagleman is joined by his student in the conquest to create the hive mind and turn humans into machines. See more in the video below.

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The ideology of “feeling” the internet brings about the radical transformation of sensory, and a similarity can be uncovered within the workings of witchcraft. Treating the brain like a plug and play device, is the ultimate mind control. During the segment above the individual was selecting which ‘stocks to buy,’ but it was not a conscious decision, rather it was subconscious.

Plugging the internet directly into the subconscious would have a radical psychological effect given the reality that technology and connectedness have an adverse impact on the mind.

The New Age deception is partially based on ‘opening one’s self up to all the vibrations and frequencies that surround, and to witchcraft its gaining the “psych” sense, which is exactly what ‘hacking’ the senses will accomplish. As Eagleman stated, science and technology have brought humanity to the point where biology can be ‘married’ to technology.

The fourth industrial revolution

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The last and final industrial revolution is when humanity stops creating machines and tools but rather becomes the tool, and that again is exactly what scientists are trying to accomplish. The first attempt to make technology an extension of oneself can be traced back to a project called ‘Sixth Sense.’

Project Sixth Sense

The project began initially in 1994 and is a gesture-based wearable computer system. The project was developed at MIT Media Lab by Steve Mann in 1994 and 1997 (head worn gestural interface), but then in 1998 it became a neck worn interface. The project was later picked up by Pranav Mistry who also attended MIT in 2009, both of whom developed both hardware and software for both headwords and neck worn versions of it.

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The name came from Mann who referred to the device as affording a “Synthetic Synesthesia of the Sixth Sense.” Mann believed that wearable computing and digital information could act in addition to the five traditional senses. A plethora of other individuals began to expand on the ideology that technology could one day give mankind new capabilities that augment the traditional five human senses.

Fast forward to 2015 and the rise of augmented reality and virtual reality began to catch on publicly. Pranav, who created the devices, then started to work for Samsung within their development team, and after years of development, it is painstakingly obvious where technology is heading.

The mixing to biology and technology has also been an idea of Bill Gates who once stated that the ultimate goal of the internet was to create a neural net, where an artificial intelligence operated the web, and human beings became the computer interfaces.

US Patent For Sixth Sense Technologies

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The Ultimate Earthly Enslavement

Mankind is on the brink of a radical transformation which will include the induction of technology mixing with biology. The change has begun, and according to the World Economic Forum, the fourth industrial revolution is already happening all around us.

Technologies like sixth sense, seek to expand the reality that surrounds us by augmenting ulterior senses to the traditional senses. However, instead of expanding our reality, these technologies will do nothing more than enslave mankind, because just as the world economic forum states – the fourth industrial revolution is largely based on the reality that humans will become the tools.

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