The world is on the brink of something so vast, that this time; there is no going back. Once this door opens, there is no shutting it. The New Age is upon us, and with this new age comes vast changes to the domain of humanity. Rather than mankind using tools – mankind becomes the tool. Humanity is sitting on the brink of a New World Order that is coming in the form of a Fourth Industrial Revolution and Sustainable Development.

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Systematic changes to the world are set to occur, and globalist ideology is powering the transformation of our world into that of a New World, lead by a Centralized Organization. The New Age we face is not something humanity has ever seen before, and it’s not something we can come back from. Mankind is entering a world where technology will do the policing, and where artificial intelligence can operate industry, rather than the power of human hands.

What is often talked about in Sci-fi films is rapidly becoming a reality, and this reality is augmented or virtual rather than physical. Currently, humans control the machines, but very soon these machines will not just be extensions of the human self but rather a part of the “self.” The ideology powering the future is not coming from the silent majority but rather coming from the individuals who think they control the world.

Far too long has this remained a secret of the globalists and any mention of their agenda, has been labeled a conspiracy theory – but here it is folks; the globalists are announcing their plans.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, The technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything mankind has experienced before. The fourth industrial revolution will impact government, business, people, military, and so much more. The fourth industrial revolution is characterized by a fusion of technologies that blur the lines between physical, digital, and biological spheres.

While the globalists claim that this will greatly benefit humanity; it should be widely known that by 2020 an estimated 5 million jobs will have already been lost to technology and robotics. Now this is within four years; but what about ten, or twenty? Human hands are slowly becoming less of a requirement in the workplace, and what is replacing them is robotics. All while the design and structure elements are no longer going to be powered by the creations of a human mind but by an algorithm and a computer. Industry 4.0 will not benefit mankind by creating more jobs; it will put more people out of work all while the CEO’s of said companies get richer.

The globalist ideology is based on removing national borders and creating a more “open” world. Through computers and the internet, the cabal claims that humanity is more “connected” than ever before. However, according to studies, the constant connection to the web and disconnection from reality is substantially affecting mental health.

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The effects of always being on a smart device, such as a tablet or smartphone have resulted in higher rates of depression and stress. Plus other studies have also demonstrated the mental health implications of excessive Internet browsing, gaming, texting, emailing, social networking, and phone calling all of which return horrific results on the human body. However, shortly the globalists not only want us to stay connected but rather be a part of the device. At what cost to our health?

The New World Order is being built before our eyes, and the enemy didn’t come swinging a sword but came with convenience.

Technology is being hailed as one of the largest contributors to The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The Sustainable Development Goals have a hidden agenda, and that agenda is global enslavement. The 2030 agenda redistributes power into the hands of a few, rather than the hands of the many, and places global control into the hands of international corporations, and a world government. The same individuals behind Agenda 2030, are pushing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to take place.

The Fourth industrial revolution, which will bring about brain implants, sensors the size of blood cells, robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and so much more. All of which is not for the benefit of humanity but rather to control it, to distract it, and to enslave it. This is why the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the final industrial revolution; because once mankind opens this door – mankind will not be human anymore.

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