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Genome-Editing Will Be Used For Biological Warfare, Threat to National Security – CIA

Genome-editing is the newest concern for biological warfare and is a massive concern for national security states the CIA. Recent developments in genome-editing give the cabal a vast new way to control mankind.

Manipulating biology for the cause of warfare is an ongoing battle between the natural way of life and that of the GMO. The battle ground is not the vast landscapes of countries, but rather it is the microscopic terrain in which the satanic elite seek to control.

Food, air, and water are required to sustain the bodies daily functions and are all parts of the terrain under direct assault. Genetically modifying organisms is an act of war on mankind, in which humans unknowingly consume their “attackers” on a daily basis.

Think an assault weapon is dangerous? Imagine being slowly overtaken by minute organisms in which modern medicine cannot kill. The GMO’s are manifesting into the minds of men and women near and far. With recent scientific discoveries showcasing the connections between the gut microbiome and the mind, it is now or never that mankind understands how big-agriculture is destroying us.

The three terrains of warfare, mentioned above, are all being manipulated to house genetically engineered particles. These organisms alter your brain function, your health, and even your behavior. “Control the food and you control the people.” Humanity is witnessing the very beginnings of the control factor over our food.

Agenda 2030, is when the cabal will complete their conspiracy to overtake the food production of the entire world. The world is willingly handing over the reigns of food production to gigantic corporations who seek to destroy the of health of mankind. Big-agriculture will bring death upon these lands, and far too many will not understand until it is too late.

While the long, slow agenda is assaulting our food, air, and water; the faster program for control and destruction is taking shape. Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan recently stated that Genome editing poses a significant threat to national security;

“Nowhere are the stakes higher for our national security than in the field of biotechnology,” Brennan stated. “Recent advances in genome editing that offer great potential for breakthroughs in public health are also a cause for concern because the same methods can be used to create genetically engineered biological warfare agents.”

Aggressive pathogens, superbugs, all have one thing in common; mankind created them. Mankind overtime has systematically caused the worst nightmare to come forth, biological warfare. The enemy in front of you is microscopic; and the corporation behind it, gigantic.

In April, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Health Affairs Acting Director Aaron Firoved testified in Congress that synthetic biology and gene editing offer terrorist organizations potential to modify organisms for malicious purposes such as manmade pathogens that can rapidly cause disease outbreaks.

Brennan called on the international community to create national and global strategies to counter such threats, along with the consensus of laws, standards and authorities that needed to counter the threat.

Interestingly enough, the threat of malicious “terror” organizations from the sand dunes are not whom the world should be concerned with in regards to biological warfare; it is the enemy within. The corporations which claim to aid medicine and our health are, in fact destroying it; so mankind has to keep paying medical bills.