Real Life ‘Iron Man’ Special Forces Exoskeleton Coming to the US Military in 2018

The Iron Man from the comic books is coming to life. A new Special Forces exoskeleton prototype is due to get released in 2018.

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The exoskeleton will have body armor that makes use of a liquid that solidifies in milliseconds, and a tiny, powerful engine for recharging the suit’s systems. Due for release in 2018, Iron Man inspired suits are the attention of SOCOM (Special Operations Command) and their latest projects. Technically the suits are called TALOS or Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit’s and the Navy Seals or Special Forces would wear these suits for special operations.

The body of the exoskeleton would comprise of a liquid that turns into hard metal in milliseconds when a magnetic field or an electric current is applied to the material. The technology comes from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and a Polish company, Moratex. Basically, the design is armor for the battlefield which remains in a liquid-like state and then hardens instantaneously at the point of contact; stopping bullets and shrapnel.

The second part of the mechanics is a small engine which churns out 10,000 RPMs. The engine is practically silent and consists of two moving parts the shaft and rotor. The concept was generated on Liquid Piston’s ‘X’ engine, which employs the High-Efficiency Hybrid Cycle.

Soldiers of the future will have super strength armor that can stop bullets and shrapnel, and will look similar to a creepy version of Iron Man. All the concepts and prototypes aside, upon production of the suit and creating an indestructible man, this will generate the soldiers who will carry out missions against the constitution for the purpose of revoking the rights of the populace.

Technology, Science, and the Military is an appalling combination; however if you add an artificial intelligence into the mix, things get even worse. Predictive technology, Mind reading technology, and the ability to control machinery with thoughts are all in the foreseeable future, some of which are in prototype stages today.

Soldiers for the New World Order will carry the most efficient technology and body armor all of which will be used to destroy the common man, and generate a totalitarian system; completely demolishing the remainder of the Republic of America.

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