The Deep State of Political Warfare: McMaster Accuses Russia of Subversion


National Security Advisor McMaster accused Russia of engaging in ‘a very sophisticated campaign of subversion,’ continuing on he states that the attack is ongoing each and every day to destabilize Europe and pit political groups against each other.

“We’re facing a threat from Russia that involves also so-called new generation warfare. And these are very sophisticated campaigns of subversion and disinformation and propaganda, using cyber tools, operating across multiple domains that attempt to divide our communities within our nation and pit them against each other and try to create a crisis of confidence,” McMaster said at an event in Washington hosted by the Policy Exchange think tank.


Herbert Raymond McMaster was selected by Donald Trump for the position of National Security Advisor in early 2017, the General has a Ph.D. in American history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has been rather critical of Russia’s involvement in international affairs. McMaster is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

However, in May 2017 a penned memo titled “POTUS & Political Warfare,” was published by a National Security individual potentially outlining McMaster’s involvement in thwarting President Trump’s Agenda. The memo goes on to state that Trump represents “an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative.” Furthermore, the memo states that Trump threatens the “‘deep state’ actors, globalists, bankers, Islamists, and establishment Republicans.”


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Historically, campaigns of subversion were initiated by communist and socialist regimes with the purpose of creating divisions amongst the ranks of their adversaries. Intriguingly, subversion takes generations to complete, at least according to Yuri Bezmenov a Soviet defector and former Soviet propagandist.

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Subversion isn’t just a tactic used by bad actors in the international sphere, in fact, subversion is used by gangs, cartels, the media, and many other organizations across the world for the purpose of gaining control and or creating chaos.

McMaster’s claim, ‘Russia is engaged in campaigns of subversion,’ alone is useless because he himself has been accused of subversion. However, given the recent findings that Russia paid for divisive advertisements across social media platforms, weight can be attributed to the statement made.

Russia paid thousands of dollars to Facebook, Twitter, and Google for advertisements to individually target people (see below). The advertisements created by Russians utilized deep psychological analytics made available by the Tech Giants to target people based on their political affiliations and or their beliefs. The advertising manipulation by Russia was so bad that it actually started riots and protests.

First run: June 8, 2016, Groups targeted: Ages 18-65+, Interests targeted: Bernie Sanders
First run: July 13, 2015, Groups targeted: Ages 18-65+, Interests targeted: Martin Luther King Jr., African-American Civil Rights Movement, African-American history, Malcolm X, or HuffPost Black Voices, African American. Locations targeted: Atlanta, Maryland, Ferguson, Mo., St. Louis, Virginia
First run: Aug. 4, 2016, Groups targeted: Ages 18-65+, Interests targeted: Independence, patriotism. Locations targeted: Texas

Utilizing social media is only one of the many tactics of subversion. According to Yuri Bezmenov, there are four main aspects of ideological subversion, which is what bad international actors utilize continually; Demoralization, Destabilization, Insurgency, and Normalization.

In this instance, the Russian advertisements, the actors involved created social accounts to foment discord among the American people. In other words, their intended purpose was to develop protests and riots, which occurred with incredible accuracy. This one angle didn’t just happen overnight like the media would suggest. Instead, this has been going on for decades in different forms. Again, according to Mr. Bezmenov, it takes generations to create the required mentality ripe for the political alteration.

With that in mind, regardless of the reality that Russia was caught in the act of fomenting discord in America, the campaign is continual. However, is Russia the only actor? According to the memo, which covertly accused General McMaster of subversion, there are several actors within our own government who view Trump as “an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative.” The memo suggests that there are Communist-Marxist actors within what is called ‘The Deep State’ who would have the entirety of America change into a socialist/communist state based on a form of Marxism.

One of the largest states that is actively engaged in subversion, yet is never mentioned, is China. China is the largest surviving communist/socialist state which has openly aligned its views with that of the Deep State. In early 2017, Communist President of China Xi Jinping stated that if the US wished not to continue on the path of globalism, then China would gladly fill its spot in the international sphere.

China has however been accused of being ‘economically aggressive’ but intriguingly the implication that China could be involved in ideological manipulation fails to be mentioned. Regardless of the lack of verbal conviction led by the United States government, conclusions can be drawn from the understanding that Beijing and Wall Street are intricately linked.

Joshua Eisenman, of the University of Texas at Austin, and an expert on China offers credence to this conclusion; “So most people describe the U.S.-China relationship, in China especially, and in the United States as well, in terms of nation-states, the United States versus China, and then they talk about things like the Thucydides’s Trap and international relations theory. But I think that actually miscategorizes the nature of the relationship. What we have—and what we’ve had for years—has been a marriage of elites in Beijing and to some degree Shanghai, I suppose, with elites in New York and in Washington. One professor, when I was there at a top university, told me that this is a marriage, particularly with Wall Street.” What Mr Eisenman effectively states is that, to a very intimate degree, the elites of Beijing, Shanghai, Wall Street, and Washington are all linked.

Given the aforementioned information, a theory can be drawn that the reason why China is rarely accused of subversion is because the organizations involved have dealings with the communist nation and their affiliates. While Russia is actively blamed for the entirety of subversion ongoing throughout Western societies, it is China who actually owns the vast amounts of influential corporations in America and beyond.

Along with McMaster’s claim that Russia has engaged in campaigns of subversion, China has levied similar ideological warfare against the United States. In fact, while the United States is being ridiculed, both nationally and abroad, for attempting to regain strength, it is China and Russia who are emboldening their nations by returning to their communist-socialist roots.

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