Satanists Worried about “Satanic Panic” Protest a Therapists Conference


The International Society for the study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) just finished their 35th annual conference last weekend in Chicago, in which they discussed “where thought leaders in treatment, research, and training are headed” and apparently the Satanic Temple found the conference a to be a threat.

At the conference, experts, therapists, and researchers seek to advance clinical, scientific, and societal understanding about the prevalence and consequences of chronic trauma and dissociation.


Satanists say, “some of the sessions they held were advocating the same kinds of pseudoscience used in the 1980s to fuel the Satanic Panic.” They claim, “The ISSTD’s professional and scientific facade does not conceal their continued history of propagating conspiracy theories of organized Satanic abuse in therapy.”

“That’s why members of The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction were outside the Palmer House Hilton on Saturday, where the event was being held, to protest the harmful practices pushed by the ISSTD.”

“The Grey Faction blames Ellen Lacter, a psychologist affiliated with the ISSTD and S.M.A.R.T. [Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today].”


The Psychologist they mention being the most concerned about, Ellen Lacter, says she “has been profoundly touched by victims of ritual abuse and mind control whom I have treated in therapy or befriended as an advocate. I feel compelled to increase public support for these children and adult survivors. This is my mission. Let the truth be known!” Her go-to books are Drawn Swords: My Victory over Childhood Ritual Abuse, by Jeanne Adams and How the Cult Programs People, by Svali.

The ISSTD has a Ritual-Abuse Mind-Control Organized Abuse Special Interest Group that Ellen Lacter is a part of, but she didn’t speak at the conference last weekend. Here’s a list of all the sessions the satanists are worried about.

By protesting events like the ISSTD’s conference, the Temple of Satan is doing nothing less than drawing attention to the event that could help facilitate healing in the future and raising suspicions as to why they are so concerned.

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