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Few will understand and heed this warning do not allow your kids to play with demons.

Few understand the world we live in, the spiritual world that is. The brainwashing of people around the world through tv, music, and fear. Has reached a new level, a twitter trend.


The twitter trend that is going viral is the Charlie challenge. This challenge is just like all of the other brainwashing challenges including the ALS baptism Ice Bucket Challenge, and the burning of the American flag challenge.

Over time the powers that be have forced and brainwashed many to believe that demons do not exist, and some have even gone as far as saying hell doesn’t exist. In reality, when awoken from the dream world, all of it exists. Every bad influence, every brutal act that has been committed, most likely came from the doctrines of devils and demons. Even the act of brainwashing people into believing that they don’t exist.

The horrors, curses, and life long trauma one can face from just simply doing a stupid challenge. Many don’t understand what takes place when a demon is summoned. That demon or demons is then attracted to you, attached to you like your clothing, and with out the proper knowledge on how to get rid of such things. That person’s life can be filled with horrors that are unimaginable or what others may call ‘bad luck’.


When in reality it is called curses, soul ties, and bonds. Jesus Christ came to set us free from these bonds, and if you have actively repented from your sins and are walking with Christ then you know this message. To those that don’t you better start listening.

Life has purpose and meaning even down to the last grass seed. Everything in this world has a purpose, including you. Whether you know it or not God has set you free and paid the price for your sins. Seek Jesus Christ in this very moment and repent of these doctrines and activities. Most will laugh and say its all conspiracy, or I forgot my tin foil hat.

When in reality all through out history, the real history, such things have been recorded and proved to be real.

The time is of the essence, and the End Times are upon us. Such is why there is such horror coming into America and why there is such confusion because God Almighty is removing His hand over this nation.

People should learn the true nature of Warfare.

NEW YORK — The latest topic to create some commotion on Twitter has teens trying to summon a demon named Charlie.

The Charlie Charlie Challenge surfaced Thursday on Twitter and has gone viral across social media platforms.

The challenge includes putting two pencils on a piece of paper in the shape of a cross. The words “yes” and “no” are written in boxes outlined by the pencils. Then the participants say “Charlie, Charlie are you here?”

Social media users have been uploading videos “summoning” Charlie.

To the parents, I know you’re schedule is busy trying to put food on the table and it is rough. But losing your child to devils play is just as bad as letting them starve.

Source: Twitter trend ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ has teens trying to summon demon | FOX5 San Diego – San Diego news, weather, traffic, sports from KSWB