Felon Convicted Of Conspiracy To Commit Murder Doubles As A Knife Toting Abortion Clinic Escort

Outside of many abortion clinics you can come face to face with agents of Satan wearing little pink vests, who call themselves “Clinic Escorts” or “Pro Choice Escorts”. Unpaid men and women who say they are “pro choice” when it comes to a woman’s decision to murder her child, they often gather in the parking lots of these clinics to shield pregnant mothers from having the opportunity to hear that she has other choices besides abortion. The fact that these “Pro Choice” advocates do not allow women to hear what their other choices are, proves that they are in fact NOT pro choice, but rather Pro Death. In the Abolitionist and Pro Life community these escorts are referred to as Deathscorts. The men and women on the sidewalks, pleading for the life of a baby to be spared are called Abolitionists and Pro Lifers who provide sidewalk counseling.

The Skeen family’s costumes hanging out to dry.

The pro choice movement is a growing abomination in America and a recent rise in sales of rainbow umbrellas prove it. The Deathscorts often use large umbrellas to hide their faces and to hide the sidewalk counselors from the mother’s walking into the clinic. These Deathscorts go to extreme measures to drown out the men and women pleading on the sidewalk for these mothers to choose life for their unborn baby. You will often hear the sidewalk counselors offering these mother’s a choice and letting them know financial help is available to them, adoption is an option and that Jesus can make a masterpiece out of what they feel is an inconvenient situation. 

Denise Skeen’s husband attempting to block a Pro Life man from sharing the truth of the gospel.

In Bristol Tennessee, planted on the corner of West State Street and Slaughter Street you can find the Bristol Women’s Center where medical and surgical abortions are performed. Outside of the clinic, whether you are there to receive “reproductive health services” from Dr. Gary Boyle or are there to sidewalk counsel the pregnant mother’s entering the office of death, you will be greeted by Denise Skeen (formerly known as Denise Lambert), her husband and two daughters. Denise volunteers as a Deathscort on Slaughter Ave, where she seemingly delights in accompanying pregnant mothers through the doors of the clinic, where they will soon have their babies ripped from their wombs, limb from limb. Denise appears to be in her natural habitat in this wicked and murderous environment, perhaps it’s because she’s no stranger to pregnant women with babies who are murdered inside of the womb.

Denise’s two daughters who are also unpaid Deathscorts. Liberty and Justice, how ironic.

Denise has a criminally dark history when it comes to pregnant women whose babies are murdered inside of the womb. When Denise was 20 years old she set out into the real world to begin a career working with horses. Not long after she moved to Georgia from Bristol Tennessee, Denise found herself a married man to call her boyfriend, Larry Gene Heath who was twice her senior. Heath’s second wife of 3 years, Rebecca Heath was blissfully 9 months into her pregnancy with her second child; a little boy to whom she gave the name Hayden Hodnett.

Reasonable assumption that Denise stopped hating babies long enough at one time, to birth her own.

Shortly after Denise and Larry started dating Larry hired a hit-man to murder his wife Rebecca. Denise admitted and court records confirm that Larry told her his plan of how, when and by whom he was going to have his wife murdered, on more than one occasion. On the morning of August 31st 1981 Denise babysat Larry and Rebecca’s 2 year old son, Hamilton, while having full knowledge that his mother and baby brother were being murdered at that very moment. Denise guarded and then hand delivered nearly $2,000 in cash to the hit-men after the mom-to-be was fatally shot in the face with a .32 caliber pistol. Pre-born baby Hayden had no chance of survival since Rebecca’s car that contained her deceased body wasn’t discovered until 3 hours after the murder by a power company employee. With the bullet still lodged in her brain, baby Hayden was removed from Rebecca’s womb during the autopsy. Mother and son were later laid to rest alongside one another at the Oak Grove Congregational Christian Church. While an innocent mother and child cease to exist because of a senseless murder that Denise could have prevented, Denise was released on bail and went on a ski vacation. 

Denise enjoying time with her family, something that Rebecca and her sons will never have.

In the end, Denise plead guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to a 10 year prison sentence in 2 different states, ordered to run concurrent, according to Justia Owens v. State:1986. She only served 33 months. She was eventually released and returned to Bristol Tennessee where she now helps facilitate the murder of more pre-born babies with a smile on her face, now she’s recruited her husband and daughters to join her in her demonic mission.

Larry Heath (the ex boyfriend) was sentenced to death by electrocution. While in an Alabama prison on death row, Larry became a born again Christian and gave his life to Christ. The Holman Prison inmates called him “The Death Row Apostle”. He was executed by Alabama’s electric chair on March 21, 1992 despite a request to the governor for clemency from his supporters and a group of ministers. Larry made no final attempt to appeal his death sentence.

Even Larry who was more responsible for the murder of Rebecca repented of his murderous sin, unlike Denise who is still mocking her murderous sin.

When Denise is not horsing around as a rider, worker, and teacher at McPhersons Quarter Horses in Bristol, Tennessee you can go to the Bristol Women’s Center and see the possible, knife toting convicted felon, Denise Skeen with her husband and two daughter creating nothing less then a spectacle outside of the abortion clinic. The private property of the clinic can easily be mistaken for a sideshow circus attraction with their hand made signs, PVC piping walls and singing and dance performances. Video footage of the Deathscorts from this location has caught them harassing, hitting, kicking and intimidating the pro Lifers, who go there to witness and council the pregnant mother’s walking into the clinic. Click HERE to see the footage through LifeNews.com.


Follow up articles will be forthcoming.