Egypt Air Flight Crashed Into Sea, ‘Ball of Fire’ Spotted Same Time MS804 Went Missing

A video surfaced of a ball of fire near the location, and around the same time of Egypt Air Flight MS804’s disappearance. While there has just been an official confirmation as to what has happened to flight MS804, officials are claiming that the plane most likely crashed and is at the bottom of the sea.

The mysterious “mishaps” that have taken place recently regarding planes is alarming. This is not the only fight to have gone down on May 18th, 2016; in Guam, a B-52 plane went down as well. Luckily in that instance, the passengers were able to get to safety.

Hollande claims the flight ‘crashed.’ The Civil Aviation Minister claims the flight underwent all necessary technical checks. Then, the Greek defense minister claims that the flight made “sudden swerves.”

So it would appear that something strange has happened; do to the fact that if the plane was going down the pilots would have contacted the flight towers. However, the original story is that the flight “dropped off of the radar.” Which leads to the question, was there foul play?

“The information we have gathered – ministers, members of government and, of course, the Egyptian authorities – confirm, sadly, that it has crashed. It is lost,” Hollande said

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, meanwhile, said that the plane made “sudden swerves” at 37,000 feet, according to Reuters. “The picture we have at the moment on missing EgyptAir aircraft is that it was in Egypt airspace at 37,000 feet and made a sudden swerve,” Kammenos said.

Oddly enough the plane was making “a sudden swerve” which could indicate foul play. Whether or not there was foul play on board, or whether it was a missile directed at the plane; something is surely off about flight MS804’s disappearance.


The head of Greece’s air traffic control board told The Guardian that the missing EgyptAir Flight MS804 had most probably crashed into the sea while refusing to exclude any possibilities as to the cause.

“I consider it a fact that the plane has crashed. There is no chance of it still being in the air,” Serafeim Petrou told the Guardian, adding: “Most probably, and very unfortunately, it is at the bottom of the sea.”

Stating that radar contact with the plane was lost 18.5 kilometers south of Greece’s airspace over the Mediterranean, Petrou said: “An explosion could be a possibility but, then, so could damage to the fuselage. I think at this point we are talking about wreckage, wreckage at the bottom of the sea and tracing the cause is going to take time.”

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