Breaking: More False Flags Coming! Marines Expand Psychological Warfare Operations

The PSYOP continues. Psychological Warfare is the worst kind of warfare, not only does it affect the country, it affects the human body and all aspects of the mind. Psychological warfare is a rather old operation, conducted by many different fleets of the armed forces. However, the marines are planning to expand on such operations by opening up a new job. 0521, Military Information Support Operations; or titled more specifically PSYOP.

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“A briefing document obtained by proposes expanding what is now a free, or additional MOS, into a primary MOS and increasing the total number of MISO Marines from 87 to a steady state of 322. The enlisted-only MOS would be composed chiefs of sergeants and staff sergeants, with a tapering senior enlisted leadership structure.”

The people of the world better get ready: “MISO, which has also been called psychological operations, or PSYOP, aims to influence emotions and behavior by targeted messaging and information distribution.”

The informational war is about to get a big bad twist. More PSYOPS’ or more properly termed False Flags. False flags are used on the population to determine an outcome desired by the handler. For example, the PSYOPS used regarding gun control have resulted in many people attempting to revoke the second amendment. Psychological Operations are used for gaining ground in the informational war, it is used all the time in mainstream media and is termed propaganda. Now, more of such will be used on the battle fields all across the country and world.


“Expanding the community would also better allow MISO Marines to meet high operational demand and increase the number of MISO personnel available to serve within each Marine expeditionary force and at MARSOC, Cukor’s brief shows.

Officials with Marine Corps Information Operations Center declined requests for an interview because the plans were pre-decisional.

But the deputy commandant of Marine Corps Manpower and Reserve Affairs, Lt. Gen. Mark Brilakis, told that preliminary decisions could be made as soon as this fall regarding how to develop the MISO community.

“In MISO, within those specialties and capabilities, I think those are some of the things that we’re going to be wrestling with to determine whether or not the Marine Corps needs more structure, whether it becomes a primary MOS, whether it becomes an expanded MOS, or whether it becomes a series of MOSs, depending upon the specific specialties,” he said. “So if individuals are interested in MISO and expanded realm of information operations, etcetera, then they should stand by, because I think more will come out of this.”

He noted that Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller has directed Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, commanding general of Marine Corps Combat Development Command, to conduct a study that defines where the Marine Corps needs to be in 2025 and whether the force is properly organized to address future challenges.”

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