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Creator of D-Wave Quantum Computer Artificial Intelligence is the “altar of an alien god” – Science is Bringing About the Antichrist System

Right now is the beginning of the Artificial Intelligence era, this is the era of quantum computing; this is the period that mankind “stands at the altar of an alien god.” That strange deity is being constructed into our reality through artificial intelligence. Mankind is succumbing to the will of the elite, not through warfare – but by the power of convenience. The creator of D-Wave, the CIA-backed quantum computing company, states that being near a Quantum Computer (QC) is like “standing at the altar of an alien God.”

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What is theoretical physics?


Quantum Computing – Theoretical Physics

What is Quantum Computing?


Computer Science – Quantum Computing

There are two main purposes to building quantum computers

  1. One purpose of quantum computation will be to allow useful tasks to be performed between parallel realities:

    “Imagine a world where all of the laws of physics as we know them are obeyed but different decisions were made along the way, different decisions at the level of tiny microscopic particles, different decisions all the way up to what you chose to eat for lunch, and whether you chose to come to this session or not. Quantum Mechanics makes a very specific prediction, that all of those are as real as the thing that you remember… But science has reached the point now where we can build machines that exploit those other worlds.” – Geordie Rose, Founder of D-Wave

  2. The other purpose is to solve complex problems that conventional computers cannot compute.

    Understanding the power of quantum computing

    “If you took every single atom of silicon in the world, and made the most sophisticated conventional, intel style processor that you could build; there are problems we know of that I could write down on a sheet of paper that you could never, ever, ever, ever solve with that thing. That you could with this type of machine (Quantum computer).”

Another very large purpose to building quantum computers is to build “machines like us.” In other words a true artificial terminator could be created because of quantum computing – the satanic elites’ “perfect slave.”

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The D-wave computer “looks like a giant monolith” and according to Geordie Rose, Founder of D-Wave, the machine has a heart beat which keeps the computational power behind D-wave cool. In other words this machine has a “heartbeat” making it one step closer to a true artificial intelligence humanoid.

The quantum computer plans to “grab the shadows” of other parallel universes and bring them into our reality. These machines can be used to bring the demons from “parallel” universes into our world and to communicate with them.

The quantum computing field is actively deploying these machines to every facility that can afford them, such as openly available research centers. They are set to reshape the understanding of dimensions and parallel universes. According to the founder of D-wave, artificial intelligence is here. Understanding what that means, is to understand that the beast system, talked about in revelations, is coming about. The controlling empire called the New World Order can now enslave mankind beyond recognition because there is no more privacy, and if you think wrong – your a criminal.

As the Bible states in Revelation 13:17 no man will buy or sell without the mark of the beast – through the use of artificial intelligence and quantum computing, it is becoming applicable. Science is no longer attempting to disprove God, they are trying to bring about their own god. Science is no longer a subject but a religion, and this religion is wagging war against the Bible.

Revelation 13:17 GNV

17 And that no man might [a]buy or sell, save he that had the [b]mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.

According to Geordie Rose within 15 years, (By the year 2030) mankind will have created a machine that outperforms humans in every aspect of life. The prediction is in essence stating that by the year 2030 a humanoid machine many times smarter than humans will exist.