The Mystery, Where is Putin?

The mysterious disappearance of Putin is a worrisome event for all, simply because if Putin has died or is in a coma, what caused it? Was it a stroke? Was it planned by the West? What suddenly made the 62-year-old disappear? The previous questions do nothing but spark fear and controversy. The question not being asked is how will this affect Ukraine? How will the world view Russia from this point on? Putin has been the victim of the West and NATO’s onslaught of trying to start a global war. Putin has also been a major role in the controversy and war inside of Ukraine. This all again leads to the question did the powers that be take Putin out? Was he not doing his job of starting the third world war in time, and is that why he was quickly removed from power. However according to the Kremlin we are to expect an announcement soon.


Huge number of unmarked white trucks streaming into red square tonight

Все сотрудники российского посольства в Лондоне из числа офицеров и различных атташе за последние несколько дней покинули Великобританию
All employees of the Russian Embassy in London from the various officers and attaches the last few days have left the UK

Steve Quayle.

As well the White House is clueless:

Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t been seen in public for more than a week, sparking rampant speculation and rumors that he’s ill, been toppled in a coup, secretly got married or has even died. he White House was unable Friday to shed much light on his whereabouts with principal deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz telling reporters “I have enough trouble keeping track of one world leader.” Schultz suggested reporters should contact the Russian government for questions about its leader, adding, “I’m sure they’ll be very responsive.” Schultz didn’t say if Obama has been briefed about the rumors. But asked if the U.S. government is operating under the assumption that Putin is alive, Schultz said, “I’d say so, yes.”

According to the Debka File:

“Unconfirmed Russian Internet rumors that Vladimir Putin is dead DEBKAfile March 12, 2015, 11:03 AM (IDT) DEBKAfile reports that Russian websites Thursday morning began running unconfirmed reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin had suddenly died. This has not been confirmed by any official in Moscow. But a short announcement of Putin’s death was seen briefly on Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s website early Thursday, only to be removed after 20 minutes. According to officials in Moscow, Putin was expected in Kazakhstan Thursday for meetings with its leaders, but failed to turn up.”

This is where a lot of the controversy is coming from. This is that moment where the question “where is Putin?” come to life. As of March 13th 2015 according to the Kremlin, they have a massive announcement to make, and they have asked Journalists to be on standby throughout the weekend. With this mysterious announcement pending the speculations and rumors are running rampant. Below is from Beezinga:

“Market Vector Russia ETF Trust RSX 3.27% was down more than 1.5 percent Friday after news came out about the Kremlin preparing a major announcement. A source in the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press service, heads of the most relevant media were asked to be ready for a possible press conference in the next few days, reported. Alexei Mukhin, Director General of the Centre for Political Information confirmed the rumor, anticipating that “something important” will happen. When prompted about Putin’s health condition, Mukhin neither confirmed confirmed or denied that Putin is currently “incapacitated.” The Kremlin assured that Putin is in good condition. According to EuroNews, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the President said that “there is absolutely no reason for any doubts about the state of his (Putin’s) health.” He added, “His health is really perfect and everything is OK with him, and he’s working in accordance with his traditionally overloaded working schedule.” Mukhin also tweeted two messages in relation with the issue. First: “Guys, you now need the president, come together.” A few minutes later he added: “Be brave guys – Putin moved to the next level in your game…”

Resorting to older methods which the soviets used to determine whether or not something had changed, Stratfor:

“These oddities have no clear connection at all to Putin’s cancellations, save that they were strange events not fully explained and occurring at a sensitive time, raising further questions about what exactly is going on in Moscow. One phrase from the announcement from Peskov that was particularly striking to us was that the decision to cancel the meetings was made by the “leadership.” In the old Kremlinology style, we note that he did not say that Putin decided on the cancellations, but that the “leadership” had. Normally, we would pass over the phrase, except lacking other information we have to wonder whether the leadership was a reference to Putin and the Belarusian and Kazakh presidents, or whether a different leadership was making decisions about Putin’s schedule instead of Putin.

After Josef Stalin died, the Soviet leadership went to the ballet. Missing was Lavrenti Beria, head of the NKVD secret police. It seemed odd that he was not there. One explanation was that Beria didn’t like the ballet. This was a reasonable explanation. It was also untrue. Beria had been executed, and the purpose of the collective visit to the ballet was to showcase his exclusion from the leadership by announcing that it was caused by his exclusion from life.

In the Soviet Union, observers watched carefully for these signs to determine what was going on. The Kremlin knew that observers were doing this and used such signs to signal events that they were not yet ready to announce. When the Kremlin did not want to make things official but wanted the Soviet citizens or the West to have some idea of what was going on, an absence from an event, where an official stood while reviewing parades and the precise wording of statements took on enormous importance.

The insistence that Putin was not ill might be intended, along with other evidence, as a signal that he is quite ill. Or it might be pointing to the fact that Putin is really not ill and is canceling meetings for political reasons. The presence of the senior military and intelligence leaders in Crimea while Putin fails to make significant and scheduled appearances may have no connection, or it may have a deep connection.

We have been reduced to very old methods to try to figure out what is going on. That alone is significant. But so is the fact that these meetings were canceled. Readers may recall that we have raised the question of whether Putin could survive his failures in Ukraine and the economic shambles he faces. We are far from the only people who have raised that question. Certainly, the Kremlin is aware of the speculation, and we would expect the Kremlin to be rigorous in assuring that a normal routine of business is maintained in order to drive home the point that Putin is firmly in charge. That pattern has slipped, the Kremlin knows it has slipped, and it was content to let it slip without explanation.

We are puzzled, when the one thing that Putin would not want is anyone to be confused about his power. If we believe he is not sick, then there must be another explanation for his absence. We should not jump to conclusions, as they are probably wrong, but we must be forgiven for being puzzled as to why Putin is letting us, and many others, be puzzled.”

Only time tells as to just what is going on in Russia. Stay tuned.