[VIDEO] South Bend, Indiana Abolitionist/Street Preacher Assaulted: Do You Know This Man?

Every single day across America Abolitionists are being assaulted by Pro-Murderous heathens. Today in South Bend Indian, one of those assaults were caught on film.  Brent Buckley was preaching the...

CBS News Reports: Planned Parenhood Has Been Building A Secret Abortion “Mega-Clinic” In Illinois

After over a year of secret construction, Planned Parenthood announced its newest abortion facility on Wednesday: an 18,000-square-foot mega-clinic in southern Illinois. The new location is just 13 miles...

Pedophiles Are Welcomed To Host Children’s Events In New Port Richey Public Library [VIDEO]

Previously the "Drag Queen Story Hour" in Port Richey, FL hosted by Pasco Pride was held inside of the Paperback Exchange Bookstore and was set to take place on...

Womens Domestic Violence Shelter Houses Transgender Who Posts Photos Of Himself Naked To Social...

Downtown Eastside Women's Center in Vancouver, BC was established in 1978 to provide a safe place for women and children in the Downtown Eastside. DEWC claims to provide practical...

Felon Convicted Of Conspiracy To Commit Murder Doubles As A Knife Toting Abortion Clinic...

Outside of many abortion clinics you can come face to face with agents of Satan wearing little pink vests, who call themselves “Clinic Escorts” or “Pro Choice Escorts”. Unpaid...

Liberal Assaults 10 year old Christian on College Campus

On April 10, 2019 a group of Street Preachers affiliated with Warriors for Christ and Fathers Rights Tennessee went to Vol State Community College to preach the message of...

9 Y.O. ‘Drag Kid’ Dances for Dollars at a Bar in Ohio

First we had 11 year old Drag Kid "Desmond is amazing' stripping at a gay bar in New York. Then we had 'Queen Lactacia' a 10 year old Drag Kid...

NJ law to require schools to teach LGBT history in class

New Jersey has become the second state in the nation after California to adopt a law that requires schools to teach about LGBT history in a move hailed by civil rights...

Virginia Republicans defeat Democratic bill allowing abortions up until birth

Virginia Republicans on Tuesday killed legislation that would have loosened abortion restrictions after the bill’s sponsor admitted it would allow the procedure even after a mother went into labor. A...

New York Reveals Its Blood Lust for Baby Killing

New York was already doing a fine job of slaughtering its unborn, especially its black babies. Why, then, did it need to pass a new, more extreme abortion law?...

HATE HOAX: Native American Activist Approached Chanting Covington Catholic Teens, Got In Their Face

The viral Twitter posts claiming a group of Covington Catholic teenagers aggressively "surrounded" a Native American man on Friday and "mocked," "harassed" and "threatened" him is officially the biggest...

Update: Sheriff’s Deputy Killed: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Seeking Person of Interest – Steven...

Update:The manhunt for a suspect wanted in this week's killing of a Middle Tennessee sheriff's deputy came to an end Friday morning when Steven Wiggins was captured by law...

The Pentagon orders all stores on military bases to stop selling phones from Chinese...

Pentagon officials decreed on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 that all stores on military bases are to stop selling phones and electronic equipment owned by Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE. According...

South Korea to remove propaganda loudspeakers at border, plan nuclear-free Korean Peninsula

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea will remove propaganda-broadcasting loudspeakers from the border with North Korea this week, officials said Monday, as the rivals move to follow through...

Google Bans Ads From Christian Publishing Company Because They Mention Jesus and The Bible

Concordia Publishing House has reported that Google explicitly stated to their organization that Jesus and the Bible are banned references in regards to advertisements. Google cannot legally remove websites and...

North and South Korea Set to Announce Official End To War – Munhwa Ilb

Reportedly, North and South Korea are set to officiate the end of the long-standing war between the two nations.

US and allies launch strikes on Syria chemical weapons sites

The US, UK and France have bombed multiple government targets in Syria in an early morning operation targeting alleged chemical weapons sites. The strikes are in response to a suspected...

San Bruno Shooting, 4 injured, subject deceased with a self inflicted gun shot wound

According to San Bruno police chief, four victims were transported to hospitals with gun shot related wounds. The subject, female, believed to be the shooter is deceased with a...

Did Pope Francis Claim that Hell Doesn’t Exist? New Controversial Interview Alleges The Pope...

Pope Francis in a recent interview with his long time atheist friend stated that hell does not exist and that souls just disappear after death. Scalfri says to the Pope, "Your...

Police: Man claiming to be Jesus Christ breaks into Pizza Hut, drinks Mountain Dew

On March 21, Richard Lee Quintero told a 911 operator that he is Jesus, and he smashed a front window and helped himself to pizza and Mountain Dew. At around 4:30 am, he called High Point 911 to report himself.

Gunman with Ties to Islamic State Takes Hostages in France, Shoots Police Officer

A gunman claiming ties to the Islamic States has taken hostages in France at a Supermarket, on the Southwestern side of the country. Authorities responded to two separate incidents one...

Mississippi Governor Passes Nation’s Strictest Abortion Laws

After much debate and consideration Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant a Republican has passed the nation's Strictest Abortion laws, that disallow abortions to take place after 15 weeks.

Local Bridal Shop Harassed and Threatened By LGBT Activists After Turning Away Same Sex...

In September of 2017, a local bridal shop in Pennsylvania received threatening voicemails from LGBT activists, after a same-sex couple was denied service because it violated the shop owners moral obligation to uphold Christian values.

Breaking: The first Women in the UK will Undergo a radical ‘Three-Person’ IVF Technique

Bad news, the first women in the UK will undergo a three-person In Vitro Fertilization technique, British regulators have approved the first uses of a technique called mitochondrial replacement therapy.

Pope warns world is one step away from nuclear war

Pope Francis said on Monday he was really afraid about the danger of nuclear war and that the world now stood at "the very limit".

The Climate Extremists Emit More Extravagantly False Claims

Prince Charles declared on July 18, 2015 that the world now has “just 35 years to save the planet” from “global warming”. But this new climate ‘tipping point’ marks a huge reprieve from Prince Charles original 100 month tipping point issued in 2009.

Updated – Possible Terror Attack: Explosion ‘of unknown origin’ and suspect in custody at...

An explosion has occurred in New York City, one person is in custody who was wearing a 'possible second device' according to police.

‘We must Act Now!’ for ‘New Enlightenment’ the Depopulation Scheme, Club of Rome

The Club of Rome plans to usher in a new wave of “enlightenment.” Their goal was and always will be to promote the global warming hoax as a way to better our planet all the while hiding their intentions of depopulation and “redistributing de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.”

Multiple Dead In Shooting at Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas – Updates

Multiple witnesses told CBS affiliate KENS that several people were shot at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

Van Jones For CNN: Trump Election ‘White Lash,’ But Russia Story is “A Nothing...

Upon the election of Donald Trump, Van Jones for CNN claimed that it was a "whitelash" against a changing country, and ever since has pushed the Russia Story narrative.

White House Threatens War, Accuses Syrian Gov. of Preparing Chemical Weapons Attack

The White House has accused Syria of preparing a chemical weapons attack and warns that if such is conducted the Assad government, and military will pay a hefty price.

Forensic Psychologists Conclude Seth Rich Murder Was Not Random – Most Likely Hired or...

Newly released independent analysis of the Seth Rich murder claims that the event was not random and that his death was either committed by a serial or a hired killer.

Cold War Level Tensions Return; Russia vows to shoot down all ‘flying objects’ in...

Russia announced on Monday that they would shoot down any flying objects over Syria, in a warning to the USA.

Vehicle Strikes Pedestrians in London; ‘A Number of Casualties,’ Police Say

A vehicle hit pedestrians in London and there are “a number of casualties being worked on at the scene,” according to authorities.

Blogger gagged by council after warning about Grenfell Tower fire threat

A blogger who warned the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council of the dangers lurking in Grenfell Tower was threatened by local officials for writing about problems in the building.

London: Grenfell Tower Horror – Babies Thrown From Windows, As Fire Almost Engulfed The...

An enormously large blaze broke out at the Grenfell Tower in London where reportedly Twelve are confirmed dead, and police are expecting further fatalities.

Multiple People Injured in Mass Shooting At UPS Facility in San Francisco

Unbelievably a second shooting has broken out in America. Multiple people are dead in a shooting at a UPS facility.

Updated: Five People Shot At Congressional Baseball Practice in Virginia

Multiple Shots fired at Congressional leaders on Wednesday at a baseball practice field in a Washington D.C. suburb, according to multiple reports.

London Bridge terror attack – multiple casualties and second incident at Borough Market

LONDON Bridge has been plunged into chaos amid reports of a vehicle mowing down pedestrians.

Three men with ’12in knives stab pedestrians’ after mowing down up to 20 people...

Three men with 12-inch hunting knives have reportedly stabbed pedestrians after mowing down up to 20 people with a white van on London Bridge.

ALERT: Canada Passes Law That Allows Government to Seize Children From Christian Homes

Bill 89, the most tyrannical bill to date by the government of Ontario, allows the state to seize the children of Christian families that oppose the LGBTQI and gender ideology agenda.

Philippines’ Duterte may place entire country under martial law

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday he wouldn't rule out placing the entire country under martial law if the threat of Islamic State spreads.

Manchester on a knife-edge: Screaming shoppers flee as Arndale shopping centre is evacuated over...

Manchester's Arndale shopping centre has been evacuated just hours after a terror atrocity at a concert in the city.

Emergency Declared At Nuclear-Contaminated Site In Washington State

The Department of Energy has declared an emergency at a nuclear-contaminated site in Washington state, after soil caved in over a portion of a tunnel containing rail cars contaminated with nuclear waste.

23-year-old man arrested in connection with Manchester terrorist attack

A 23-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the Manchester bomb attack, police say.

BREAKING: US-Led Coalition Strikes Hit Syrian Army in Southern Syria

Several reports indicate that the US government has launched an attack on pro-Assad forces in Syria. A US defense official told Sputnik that the US-led coalition struck the pro-Assad fighters...

18-Year-Old Girl Killed, 22 People Hurt When Car Slams Into Pedestrians In Times Square

One person is dead and 22 people are injured after being struck by a car in Times Square shortly before noon Thursday.

GOP Approves Bill to Replace Most of Affordable Care Act

House Republicans approved legislation Thursday to replace most of the Affordable Care Act, giving new life to a bill that had faltered at many stages and taking a step toward fulfilling a promise GOP lawmakers have made to voters for more than seven years.

Nicolás Maduro Calls for New Venezuelan Constitution

CARACAS—Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro on Monday signed an order to convene a special assembly to redraft the country’s constitution, the latest in a string of efforts to retain power in the face of mounting protests and civil unrest.

One dead, several injured in University of Texas campus stabbing

One person is dead and multiple others are injured after a stabbing on the University of Texas at Austin campus Monday afternoon.