9 Y.O. ‘Drag Kid’ Dances for Dollars at a Bar in Ohio


First we had 11 year old Drag Kid “Desmond is amazing’ stripping at a gay bar in New York. Then we had ‘Queen Lactacia’ a 10 year old Drag Kid who was photographed with a naked Drag Queen. Now we have Miss Mae Hem the 9 year old male drag performer who was recorded performing at JD HENDERSON’s bar where adults are drinking alcohol. The adults cheered and handed out cash tips to this 9 year old who performed for them.

I caution you that this video is disturbing and features a 9 yer old scantily dressed Click to see video

The host and promoter of this disgusting event that turned a 9 year old boy into a sex object for drunken adults followed close behind stuffing dollar bills in his underpants and removing it from her own “cleavage”

Ohio First reports that this type of event has been promoted over a year by the child’s mother (the child’s mother is reported as being an active Ohio child protective service employee) and ‘Miss Onyx Ohio’ entertainment agency.

How many events like this have to happen before wake up to what’s happening?

Drag Queen story hour is being promoted al over the country and their goal is to give kids an unabashedly Queer Role Model.

Webster’s defines a role model as, “a person whose behavior in a particular role is imitated by others”

We have been warning you, we have been traveling the country exposing these Drag Queen events, we have been shouting like John the baptist and look where we are today!!

The 9 Year old is doing exactly what Drag Queen Story Time sets out to do. This little boy is imitating a Drag Queen and he is being served up to an audience of pedophiles. It is scary to think about what these men do after they leave such an event, after they have wet their appetites this child sex show.

Where is the outrage from the lgbt? The lgbt claims they hate to be linked to pedophiles, and yet they are eeriely silent in regards to these children being objectified. I have seen some homosexuals excuse these events and think more of these events need to happen.

What’s even worse, the church remains mostly silent. the church is outraged for a day or 2, they share the articles on their Facebook profiles, and they think that’s all that they need to do. No one talks about about little Desmond stripping at a gay bar anymore, no one talks about the 10 year old who was photographed with a naked Drag Queen anymore. Where is the outrage from those whom the Bible calls the salt and light of the earth?

Where is the outrage from our politicians? Why are they so afraid to speak out against the perversion being peddled as love and tolerance?

The Mayor in Lancaster Ohio, David Scheffer (A Republican), has allegedly condoned and supported the event. Our politicians are so afraid of the LGBT they refuse to speak out against the indoctrination of our children and our society.

The mayor Bob Paul in Huntington Woods Mi, came outing support of Drag Queen Story Time even when presented with evidence of violent threats made against Christians!

It is time for the church and the rest of decent society to push back against this agenda. You can not remain silent anymore. These people are objectifying children and it needs to stop.

Call your state lawmakers, email them, and tell them to ban Drag Queen Story Time. Our children don’t need Drag role models. Show them these videos, and these photos, show them what Drag Queen Story Time says right on their website.

If you have information or would like to voice your concern please use contact numbers below. Ohio State Attorney General – 800-282-0515 Fairfield County Sherriff – (740) 652-7900 Lancaster Police – (740) 687-6680 Lancaster Law Director – (740) 687-6616

Photo Credit Ohio First