At-Risk Youth organization Hires “Sex Worker”

Posts pics of herself pole dancing with toddler

Hailey Colpitts, Sex Worker, organizer of drag show for kids and Prevention and Intervention Manager for the Illinois Collaboration on Youth. Photo: Twitter

Clifton French from Real News Michiana Reports…

CHICAGO, Ill. — One of the largest at-risk youth organizations in the state of Illinois has hired an actual “sex worker” to manage its Prevention and Intervention team. According to the organization’s website, Cass County, Michigan, resident Hailey Colpitts was hired as the Prevention and Intervention Manager for the Illinois Collaboration on Youth sometime in the past few months.



According to the Human Rights Foundation, “The Illinois Collaboration on Youth has been around, in one form or another, since 1964. The agency represents more than 90 community-based providers of service to children, youth and families in the child welfare system, and through other community services.”

Colpitts admittedly makes money as “sex worker.” And, has pictures of herself pole dancing with a toddler on social media.


Colpitts describes herself online as a “stripper,” a “whore” and “sex worker.” Colpitts is also extremely anti-police.

Her social media is full of her bragging about being a “sex worker”. In one post, she specifically brings up being in politics and being a sex worker at the same time.

“Nothing grinds my gears more than people telling me I won’t make it in politics bc ‘your constituents have seen your t*ts’. Idgaf – that doesn’t make me stupid. It makes me smart for taking that $$$$.” She wrote.

In March of 2021 she posted about being, what appears to be, an actual prostitute.



“Maybe my freelance ideas just aren’t that good and I should stick to being a whore. At least that’s easy for me lol.” She wrote.

Just last year she wrote an article about getting an abortion. She then took to social media with her message about being a sex worker and getting an abortion.



“Being a sex worker and having abortions IS NOT WRONG.” She wrote.

Colpitts further posts videos and pictures of herself pole dancing. She has multiple posts showing her and a toddler pole dancing together. REAL News Michiana redacted the images of the child’s face to protect her identity.

Colpitts is also extremely open about her hatred for law enforcement. She frequently posts ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards), calls officers “pigs” and writes “f***” the police.

Colpitts has previously held jobs at Notre Dame the Woodhull Foundation, an organization that works to normalize sex work and other taboo subjects.



According to the organization’s website, “Hailey Colpitts has been an advocate of sexual freedom for a long time, with her undergraduate research focusing on sex and sexuality. She is a 2022 graduate of Indiana University South Bend’s Women’s and Gender Studies Department. She joined Woodhull because she believes in the advancement of sexual freedoms, including the freedom to participate in sex work, the freedom to adopt children without regards to sexuality, and the freedom to obtain safe and affordable reproductive healthcare. Hailey has worked as a stripper throughout her adult life and has made it a personal promise to advocate for the right’s of strippers and sex workers across the country, in addition to fighting censorship and discrimination due to gender, sexual identity, or family dynamic. Outside of her work at Woodhull, she maintains a blog where she researches all sorts of topics that pique her interest and the interests of her readers.”


Last year, Colpitts organized a drag show for children as part of the first annual Pridefest in Niles, Michigan. She is currently organizing two drag shows in Southwest Michigan this year — one in Dowagiac and another in Niles.

RNM reached out to Illinois Collaboration on Youth’s CEO Andrea Durbin for comment. As of publication, we have not received a response.



Colpitts was also elected to be a Democrat Precinct Committee Delegate in Cass County, Michigan, in 2022.

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