We believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate truth and seek to share the gospel every day. By providing in-depth analysis and coverage of the times we live in, we awaken others. We focus on events that impact you, your life, and your soul. The Christian Journal provides broadcasting and reporting that covers global and local events from a Christian perspective.

We began Christian Journal to shed light on the darkness that rules our world and awaken others to the deception at hand.

We started our first YouTube channel in September 2013 which expanded so quickly and had so much impact that it got silenced by Google in June 2014. Immediately we began rebuilding a new channel on YouTube all while constructing the Christian Journal website. With lots of twists and turns along the way, we kept pushing on and persevering to continue reporting and sharing the truth. In October 2015 we started a subscription service allowing us to provide more extensive video reporting and investigations. As time has gone on the fight against mainstream media has increased as they attempt to silence independent journalists everywhere. We must step up our game and continue fighting the good fight of faith!

Our Team

Nate Brown
Christian Investigative Journalist specializing in reports related to the United Nations, Globalism, Global Governance, The Biblical End Times, and Global Conflict. Editor-in-Chief and Owner of The Christian Journal.
Author, editor, and researcher for the Christian Journal. Fight back against corruption spiritually, physically and psychologically! I have done extensive research on particle physics & CERN, the United Nations & UNESCO, secret societies, psychology, futurology, propaganda & the corruption of society, and much more. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Sociology, and Business. I'm passionate about casting out lies and manipulation to reveal the underlying truth. Lead author and researcher of Christian Journal Unlimited.

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