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The End Of US Dominance? China Outlines Plan To ‘Rule The World’ in 30...

China has outlined their plan to overtake the United States on the world stage over the course of the next 30 years.

Communist China to Take Global Lead on “Climate Geoengineering”

For the past several years, independent researchers from across the globe have expressed a growing concern over the enthusiasm displayed by scientists at the...

Communist China is Leading the Charge on Eugenics Research, Designer Babies – Paving Way...

In the name of fighting diseases, China is justifying eugenics and is leading the way on gene selection rather than "people selection."

Rumors of The Second Korean War: China’s Ready for War Against the U.S. if...

Could a war carried out on the Korean Peninsula extend into a war between China and the United States? A war with China would be...

International Monetary Fund to Relocate Headquarters from United States to Communist China

Head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde says the organization may move its headquarters from Washington DC to Beijing in a decade if the growth trend in China and other major emerging markets continues.

China Continues Suppression of Christianity, Communist Party Members Warned to Abandon Religious Beliefs for...

China’s religious winter continues against Christianity, members of the Communist Chinese Party were told to abandon all forms of belief for Marxist Atheism.

China Dispatched Troops For First Overseas Military Base in Djibouti

Chinese State media reported that the communist nation's military dispatched troops for its first ever overseas military base in Djibouti.

China’s WARSHIPS and jets swoop in warning to world amid North Korea missile test

The flotilla of Chinese warships, fighter jets and helicopters have been carrying out drills in recent days since being launched on June 25.

Massive International Drills Commence Amid China Border Row

Power play on the high seas, with China firmly in the crosshairs, kicks off next week. India, the US and Japan have all deployed their largest warships for the top-notch Malabar exercise to be held in the Bay of Bengal from July 10.

Russia, China: N. Korea must freeze nuclear activities, US halt THAAD deployment

Moscow and Beijing have agreed that North Korea should freeze its nuclear and missile programs, while the US and South Korea should abstain from holding war games in the region, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

China Launches Latest-Generation Destroyer

China's increasingly powerful navy launched its most advanced domestically produced destroyer on Wednesday, at a time of rising competition with other naval powers such as the United States, Japan and India.

Trump Signals ‘Strategic Patience’ With North Korea is Over, China Failed – is War...

Leaked by the Filipino government was a conversation between President Trump and Rodrigo Duterte, in which Trump claims that China is the last card holding back US intervention in North Korea. In accordance with the President's words, his latest tweet signals that the USA may just be done waiting.

In China, a robot has started delivering packages to people

Jingdong, or, China’s second-biggest e-commerce company after Alibaba, sent robots to deliver items for the first time yesterday (June 18), on the last day of a two-week-long shopping bonanza that recorded sales of around $17.6 billion, according to a spokesman with the company.

Where’s The Outrage? Communists Cut off Water, Electricity to Churches For Not Installing Surveillance

Communist China steps up the 'Religious Winter' against Christians. The red nation cut off power and electricity to several church buildings and house churches for refusing to install surveillance devices.

The US Steps Up Pressure On China Over North Korea and South China Sea

Over the past few weeks, several high-level US leaders have visited the Asia Pacific region, primarily with one focus, China.

Russia Aligns with China for the creation of a New World Order

Like pieces on a chess board, the players are all aligning to create a New World Order, that is of course after the fall of the Old World Order.
China- Military

China tested a new guided missile near the Korean peninsula

China has recently tested a new type of guided missile in a northeastern sea near the Korean peninsula, the defence ministry said Tuesday, hours after South Korean elections and amid regional tensions.

China Guts Free Speech: Censors News Media and Raids Homes of Christian Leaders

China, to the world, is a great nation of peace and democracy but on the home front the communist country is quietly silencing, raiding and imprisoning Christians. All while, silencing free speech online.

War with China, North Korea?

Are we on the cusp of war with China, North Korea?

China is Now Responding To US THAAD Deployment With Military Drills – Defense Ministry

In response to the USA's deployment of the THAAD missile defense system, China is running drills and preparing to protect its national security.

China’s Secret Weapon in South Korea Missile Fight: Hackers

Chinese state-backed hackers have recently targeted South Korean entities involved in deploying a U.S. missile-defense system, says an American cybersecurity firm, despite Beijing’s denial of retaliation against Seoul over the issue.

War: Russia and China Prepare for Catastrophe; North Korea on Alert, US Plans to...

The United States military is rapidly preparing for war with North Korea. Meanwhile so are Russia and China, but who are the two superpowers preparing for war with, the US or North Korea?

China’s nuke envoy embarks on S. Korea trip to discuss N. Korea issue

China's top nuclear envoy arrived in Seoul on Monday to discuss the growing threats from North Korea's missile and nuclear capabilities.

North Korean Crisis; Will ‘Lazarus’ Bring Down Banks? Or Will China and Kim Jung...

All of the discussions surrounding North Korea as of late brings about the question is it propaganda or is the crisis unfolding before our eyes.

Christians detained for 15 days for attending Bible study

More than 20 police officers from China’s southwestern Sichuan Province recently detained 15 Christians for attending a Bible study.

Trump Exclaims The US Will Act Alone Against North Korea, Regime Expected To Hold...

The Trump administration issued an ultimatum on the matter of North Korea to China, that if they fail to put pressure on the tyrannical regime - the US will act alone.

Cold War With China? The Southeast Superpower is Overtaking the USA; Most Likely Outcome,...

Imagine a world where China has been the ‘king’ power for the past several centuries, rather than the USA. The world imagined would be one entirely based on communism.

Warning: North Korea is About to Test a Hydrogen Bomb; The South China Sea...

Normally each year around this time there is an increase in tensions between North Korea, Japan, the United States, and South Korea; but this year,...

The Communist Global Governance Takeover; China Set to Take the Leadership Role of the...

The hidden Chinese hand within the United Nations is finally being revealed, as China embarks on a global communist takeover. However, it's almost like the world stage was discreetly prepared for such.

Wars and Rumors of Wars: China and Russia Oppose US Deployment of THAAD System...

North Koreas latest nuclear threat has led to the planned deployment of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system to the region. Both China and Russia are in stark opposition to the deployment of the missile system, citing security concerns.

Multipolar Agenda: Communists Call For New World Order – China is Set To Replace...

For the last several decades, the USA has dominated as the World Leading Superpower, but now - Communist China is ready to change that.

Massive Explosion Rocks Chinese Chemical Plant

An incredibly large explosion has rocked a Chinese chemical plant.

War With the USA Becoming ‘Practical Reality’ – Chinese Military Official

A senior Chinese military official claims that under President Donald Trump, war with the United States is no longer just a 'slogan,' and is rapidly becoming a practical reality.

Intelligence Report Warns Major Conflict Could Erupt Over Next Five Years, Risk Levels Not...

A new intelligence report warns of an ‘increase in risk’ of conflict between and within nations over the next five years. The report states that risk will increase to levels not seen since the Cold War.

China fires ‘trade war’ warning after Trump appoints China hawk

China has warned Donald Trump that “co-operation is the only correct choice” after the US president-elect tapped a China hawk to run a new White House trade policy office.

China’s Yuncheng Salt Lake, Dead Sea, Turned BLOOD RED

An ancient lake in China has turned ominous; the Yuncheng Salt Lake turned blood red, and video shows just how nefarious this 500million-year-old ‘Dead Sea’ really is.

Christian Persecution: China launches ‘RELIGIOUS WINTER’ in bid to DESTROY Christianity

Christians in China face yet more restrictions. The communist party is attempting to silence the voices and movement of Christians throughout China.

The Inevitable World War 3; Russia & China Named as Top Threats to the...

How much more deceptive could world war 3 get? According to the President and the Pentagon, Russia is the greatest threat to the United...

NATO at War… on the World Can we please just dispense with the nonsense and talk about how things really are. The US-led NATO military alliance is at war with...

BREAKING NEWS: China’s Renminbi Is Approved as a Main World Currency

GET ACCESS GO EXCLUSIVE The I.M.F. decision will help pave the way for broader use of the renminbi in trade and finance, securing China’s standing...

Korean Brink Of War Live Updates Continued

First off we apologize for the errors everyone may have received. After many hours of putting this site back together, and many different steps...

China building runway on manmade South China Sea island – Washington Times

After months of speculation, satellite images Thursday confirmed that the China is building an airstrip for military planes on a tiny island in the...

Japan says jets scrambling at record pace to counter Chinese, Russian intrusions – Yahoo...

TOKYO (Reuters) - (This January 20 story was corrected to say three quarters instead of three months in sixth paragraph) Japanese air force jets are...

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