St. Pete’s Drag Queen Story Hour And Host REBUKED Out Of Existence. Answered Prayers!


To anyone who doubts the power and effectiveness of publicly rebuking sexual immorality against children, don’t stop, it’s working!

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Previously ChristianJournal published an article about the abominable Drag Queen Story Hour that was taking place inside of the Community Cafe in St. Petersburg Florida. Not only was the cafe the host to a minimum of 6 Drag Queen Story Hour events but also had various meetings they referred to as “Pride Prom”, “LGBT Open Mic”, and “First Pride”, as well as entire month long celebrations during “Pride” month. Often, this was the circus that you would encounter as you were walking down the street if you had the misfortune of having to run an errand in St. Petersburg on a Saturday afternoon while DQSH was taking place.

On one Saturday afternoon in September as Christian preachers and Abolitionists Matthew and Kimberly Tringali, Mark and Stacy McDonald, Dick and Deb Maxwell, John Hardy, Justin Edwards, Allan Siders and Yussef Bechara rebuked the story time of horrors event, they boldly spoke of the day that this shameful event would be shut down by God himself. There is no doubt that their dedication to end the harm being done to the little ones who were exposed to the sexual atrocity behind those cafe doors has resulted in divine victory against this wicked agenda.


According to the owner of Community Cafe, on November 5th, 2019 she received a letter from the attorney of their landlord of 7 years, stating that their lease will not be renewed at the end of the month which has left them with just 26 (not 24) days to be off of the property. The cafe owner maintains that there has been not one single reason given to her for the sudden demand to vacate the property. This is a portion of the post made by Community Cafe the day after they received the letter. The cafe owner assumed the the other tenets will suffer the same fate and that the building is being sold, for no reason other then the landlords attorney also being the attorney for the owners of expensive high rises that are located downtown. Unsurprisingly, fourteen days later there is no indication that other tenants have been asked to leave or that the building has been involved in any type of sale.

According to the Community Cafe’s Facebook page, their attempts to gain an extension for their time remaining inside of the 2444 Central Ave location have not prospered and it is apparent that their attempts to raise funds to move to a new location have been very unsuccessful as well.

@Community Cafe FB page

All attempts to contact the property owner for comment have been unfruitful. It could be safe to assume that they have caught wind of the way their building is being turned into what looks like a back ally child grooming studio. With sheets draped over the windows and door while children are crammed into a small area, outnumbered by the adults who force them to pay attention to a man with an adam’s apple in a dress, only leads suspicious by-standers to call out such behavior for exactly what it is: dangerous, creepy and immoral.


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Or possibly the courageous landlord has been made aware of how a gathering inside the cafe referred to as “prom” for adults could have easily been mistaken for a child’s birthday bash that was crashed by uninvited half dressed and drunk middle aged adults.

@Community Cafe FB page

Perhaps it was that time (or 10) that the things were spotted directly outside of the cafe that were not just down right sick and perverted but also an embarrassment to the greater part of the community who contribute productiveness, economical growth, and integrity within the confines of St. Pete’s. The members of society who desire to exist in a safe and comfortable environment have the right to a reasonable expectation of a calm, clean and appropriate appearance while they are out and about town. It seems logical to assume that the landlord may have noticed the sexually deviant Puppy Play representatives who often stand outside of the cafe during the children’s Drag Queen Story Hour event in support of it, as well as using the opportunity to promote the sexual fetish that often involves BDSM.

Either way, Mr. Landlord, whatever the reason is- the entire Christian community and the community with any kind of morals in general thanks you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you in such a mighty and God glorifying way. May God bless any man who puts an end to adults who cause a child to stumble.