Do you know the little guy in the blue shirt? If so, please contact the article writer

Every single day across America Abolitionists are being assaulted by Pro-Murderous heathens. Today in South Bend Indian, one of those assaults were caught on film. 

Brent Buckley was preaching the gospel outside of the Civil Rights Heritage Center of Indiana University South Bend with his 3 beautiful children when suddenly 2 men and a woman, seemingly came out of the apartments next to the Heritage Center, to confront Brent.

A disheveled foul mouthed man ran up on Brent and his children, holding a flimsy piece of cardboard above Brent’s head with a handwritten message that said “This is a piece of s*** ”, with an arrow pointing downward. He then began berating Brent about his biblical stance against abortion and some other incoherent babbling that was difficult to understand with all of the foul language that was clouding his actual talking points. 

The two men were soon joined by a bald fella with a beard who wanted to challenge Brent to a theological debate about when life begins, according to the bible. The female trickled in from behind standing there quietly.

As the unknown man’s temper flared, Brent kept calm even when the man threatened that he would assault him if it were legal. Brent’s bold and courageous daughter can be heard in the background defending her father with honor. 

After a few minutes the first unnamed man appeared to be walking away but a just a moment later he can be seen running back towards Brent with his fist extended. The video footage provides a clear shot of Brent being punched in the face and audio picked up the chilling threat of “I’ll be back for you” as the cowardly assaulter ran away. The video footage of the assault from Brent’s camera is provided below.



       Even though a law enforcement officer pulls up within seconds of the man running away, his identity is still unknown. If you have any information regarding the identity of any of these three in this video please contact the editor of this article at [email protected] OR contact the South Bend Police Department at   (574) 235-9201

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