Liberal Assaults 10 year old Christian on College Campus

On April 10, 2019 a group of Street Preachers affiliated with Warriors for Christ and Fathers Rights Tennessee went to Vol State Community College to preach the message of Jesus Christ.

One woman, a student and employee of the college didn’t like the message the preachers were preaching and decided to throw a cup full of ice at a 10 year old girl who sitting on the grass

The 10 year old is the daughter of Justin Olsen, a street preacher in the central Tennessee area.

The college student was a self identified lesbian who claimed she had already been to jail before and did not care about being arrested for assaulting the 10 year old.

You can see the video of the assault here.

Justin Olsen has decided to press charges at the behest of campus police.

Justin has been linked to Warriors for Christ in their mutual opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour. They can be seen preaching together in Cookeville Tn the past few months exposing the depravity and perversity of the lgbt community and their sexualization of children.

Justin can also be seen leading the charge against Carafem who is performing chemical abortions in Mt. Juliet Tennessee. Justin has been preaching several times a week outside the abortion mill to try and make women aware that abortion is murder