[VIDEO] Abolitionist Struck With Vehicle By Abortion Clinic Employee Then Served With A Criminal Trespassing Warning

@Jason Cantrell

Rough days are not an uncommon occurrence in the life of an Abolitionist. Today may very well have been one of those days for Abolitionist Jason Cantrell, who lives in Georgia. Several times a week Cantrell is physically dedicated to preventing brutal murders from being committed. After knowing an innocent life has just been lost he is left watching the assailants and accomplices drive away without any legal consequence, despite compelling law enforcement to uphold their sworn oath to serve and protect.

While Cantrell stands outside of a prison like structure located on Cliff Valley Way in Atlanta, he witnesses precious little babies who are warmly nestled in their mothers womb, being escorted into this abortion clinic where an assassin will be paid to torture them to death, while they are still growing inside of their mothers body.

@Jason Cantrell

Day after day Cantrell continues to show up outside of this murderous child sacrifice center in hopes that his pleas for the lives of these babies will not go unheard. Day after day Cantrell returns to stand for life, even when it means he has to endure the the suffering of knowing an innocent life is ending less then a football field length away. Day after day Cantrell shows his love for those pre-born babies when no one else does.

@Jason Cantrell

Evil lurked in the air today, as it does every day on Cliff Valley Way in Atlanta, but today it more then loomed- it physically manifested. Through the view of Cantrell’s body camera you can see a disturbing incident which shows the blatant disregard for human life that is typically displayed only inside of the clinic. As a clinic employee in a purple van begins to enter into the two-lane driveway of the parking lot she can be seen slowing down with her tires off of the designated driveway, so close to the curb that the plant leaves from the landscape brush along side of her vehicle. The employee never even comes to a complete stop before yelling out vulgarities at Cantrell through her window. She can be then seen increasing her speed as the camera catches the view of her back tire driving over the dirt that is located along the same curb Cantrell has been standing at for 3 years. As the van leaves the view of the body camera, the front tire runs over Cantrell’s foot while the vans mirror makes contact with Cantrell’s body, knocking him to the ground.

The video below is credited to Jason Cantrell himself who captured the entire event on his body camera.

The DeKalb County police were called out to the clinic. Sargent Houlroyd who claims to have watched the clinics surveillance video told Cantrell that he appeared to be on clinic property and instead of taking action against what could have potentially been a deadly crime- the Sargent serves Cantrell with a Criminal Trespass Warning. Since Sgt. Houlroyd determined that Cantrell was on clinic property, he also determined that the “accident” was Cantrell’s fault and the employee in the vehicle was not at fault.

The video below is the interaction with DeKalb County police captured on Jason Cantrell’s body camera.

Despite there being a white mark on the ground to determine property line, Sgt. Houlroyd refused to acknowledge the fact that a man was just a victim of vehicular assault but rather was more concerned with where Cantrell was standing.

Cantrell had the right to reasonably expect the employee to take advantage of the double lane driveway as well as expecting any responsible vehicle operator to use caution when a pedestrian is near a traveling lane of a street. It is also reasonable to assume that the employee had full knowledge of where Cantrell was standing, considering she slowed down her speed and yelled profanities directly to him.