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As in every state, residents tax dollars are used to pay public servants. In Florida, residents tax dollars are being used to pay the police officers who are now escorting pre-born babies to their death. Clearwater, Florida police officers are serving, but certainly not protecting the ones who cannot protect themselves. Instead these public servants are guarding the parking lot, along with clinic escorts at an abortion clinic where babies are ripped apart, limb by limb.

It is said that the officer on this particular day was actually working overtime while also being paid privately by the Bread and Roses abortion clinic that hired him. The officer can be seen wearing full patrol gear, including his gun and radio. A Clearwater police cruiser can be seen parked in the patient parking lot as the clinic doors opened at 8AM.

@Life Plea Ministries

Despite there never being any previous incidence at the clinic, the officer stood close by and ordered out commands to the Pro-Life advocates according to his interpretation of the law. He watched on as the clinic escorts in pink vests blew their “rape whistles”, wet a pro-lifer with a water hose, and made degrading comments to the founders of Life Plea Ministries for preaching about the birth of Jesus.

Life Plea Ministries is a local ministry of Abolitionists who follow Christ, that answered the call to defend the life of the pre-born babies within their Florida community.

There has never been a single report of aggression, let alone a report of violence concerning the Abolitionists who side walk council outside of Bread and Roses that would warrant the police department to get involved and personally guard the evil slaughter that takes place inside.

@Life Plea Ministries

This image that was captured with an offensive umbrella along side of the Clearwater PD police cruiser speaks a thousand words. This is the message that was relayed to the citizens of Clearwater who passed by this house of horrors. When police who took a sworn oath to protect choose to defend and enable the slaughter of pre-born babies, they become complicit in baby murder- furthermore desensitizing mankind to the abominable legal holocaust of our smallest neighbors that is happening in plain sight. Clearwater police are now escorting babies to their death.

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