The United Methodist Church has reached a new low by ordaining a transgender individual who does not identify as a male of female. Confusion is of the devil, for God is not the author of confusion – how can a Christian congregation not understand that?

The Northern Illinois Conference commissioned M Barclay who personally identifies as a non-binary transgender individual. However, what the Methodist Church forgot to realize is that to be a Christian is to deny oneself, take up the cross, and follow God.

The very nature of not understanding ones own biological identity is confusion; thereby, the misunderstanding is of the devil, for God is not the author of confusion, but rather of Peace.

1 Corinthians 14:33

– For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as we see in all the Churches of the Saints.

As American Christians, we are facing the destruction of our congregations because of agenturs

Born Mary Ann Kaiser, Barclay first gained headlines in 2013 when the Board of Ordained Ministry for Southwest Texas Annual Conference denied her clergy candidacy for being in a same-sex relationship.

However, one year later, Barclay announced that she was undergoing a “gender transition” and began to use the plural pronouns of “they” and “their” instead of “she” and “her.”

Fast forward three years and now ‘it’ is a provisional deacon;

“For so long, I’ve longed to be a pastoral presence in the world — and certainly you can do that without a collar — but we have ordination for a reason, and part of that is that I can publicly identify as a pastor now,” stated Barclay, as reported by United Methodist News Service.

“I know it’s not particularly common in The United Methodist Church, but I intend to wear a collar every single day because for a person like me to navigate society in a collar provides some profound and urgently needed pastoral opportunities, particularly for queer and trans people.”

The Rev. John Bell, chair of the Northern Illinois BOOM, told The Christian Post in an interview last year that they wanted to follow the example of other Annual Conferences.

“The policy was developed in response to similar policies being adopted by other Boards of Ordained Ministry in the Baltimore-Washington, New York and Pacific-Northwest Annual Conferences,” explained Bell in 2016.

“We support their efforts on this issue and the efforts of those who are seeking to be ordained in the Northern Illinois Conference.”

The good news is that according to the Christian Post, there is some resistance to the trans and homosexual movement within their congregations. However, as the Christian Journal previously reported it takes 15 to 20 years to ideologically subvert a generation, meaning that the resistance will eventually die down, because of the generational switch that takes place.

On the other hand, the transgender agenda will take time to complete as culture attempts to sway our churches, but never shall they ever sway the Word of God for it is eternal. The Word of God is to be taken literally, and continually modern day Christian Churches deny the authority of the Word, thereby the churches are becoming cultural ‘new age christian’ centers rather than a place for sinners in need of repentance.