Baltimore is on fire. Police let this happen. The mayor let this happen. The mayor stated that she “gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well, and we work very hard to keep that balance and put ourselves in the best position to deescalate”. As of yesterday the national guard has been called in, and the governor is sending 500 state troopers to Baltimore and requesting as many as 5,000 officers from neighboring states, he said in a press conference. Such force will now only escalate things as everyone witnessed in Ferguson. This comparison to Ferguson is interesting because Ferguson is just a small town, Baltimore is a city with over 622,104 individuals.

This is turn of events has struck the world by surprise and it will potentially only get worse as crime families, mobs, gangs, the blood, the crips, and the Islamic nation, unite under these events and circumstances.

The Violence is growing: MARTIAL LAW: BALTIMORE RIOTS Live Footage #FreddieGray

Not only is the turn of events happening now shocking, so are the previous events that have happened in Baltimore:

The Baltimore riot of 1861 (also called the Pratt Street Riot and the Pratt Street Massacre) was a conflict on April 19, 1861, in Baltimore, Maryland, betweenanti-War Democrats (the largest party in Maryland), as well as Confederate sympathizers, and members of the Massachusetts militia en route to Washington for Federal service. It produced the first deaths by hostile action in the American Civil War. –Source

On April 19th 2015, Freddie Gray died. Which then opened up the doors to protest, and such was peaceful until the “out-of-towners” come in. Then all hell broke out.

Below is the footage of the Baltimore Mayor requesting that they let the rioters destroy property:

Then she has the audacity to say she never said that and don’t twist her words, no twisting was done.

Clearly evident in these video clips is that the Mayor gave the go ahead for violence, and she told the cops to stand down. This is horrible:

Such also proved by her statement, shows that not only she has no idea what she is doing but also the fact that this event was all planned. Stay tuned for more.