In the early minutes past the inauguration of Donald Trump, sanity made a comeback. The White House website potentially removed mentions of certain topics such as LGBT, Climate Change, and on Sunday Trump is expected to defund Planned Parenthood.

Riddled with insanity, the United States had lost sight of where in the world it was headed; a dark and dreary path of cult-like followings for politicians, and key issues such as gender paved the way forward. But, in a move that shocked he feeble minds of the confused sanity returned.

However, insanity struck back briefly during the Women’s March on Saturday with the likes of Madonna, Ashley Judd, and others who either called for terrorism or ranted about tampons.

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After Madonna’s statements – she will be investigated by the Secret Service, according to the DailyMail. As for Nasty Ashley Judd, her comments echo the ‘feelings’ of many because for far too long, insanity has run the White House.

Directly after Obama’s term ended, the power transitioned, as it does every four years, but this time sanity struck. It appears as though, those issues have been removed from the White House website, but it could be because this is the ‘gap’ time because other issues are also vacant from the website such as Aleppo.

Within hours, an even bigger move was made; according to LifeNews, Trump will defund Planned Parenthood on Sunday, January 22nd, 2017.

Most pro-life Americans are anxiously awaiting Congress to pass a bill to defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business. While that defunding legislation concerns the domestic-based Planned Parenthood abortion corporation, president Trump has the ability to put in place an executive order that would revoke funding for its International affiliate.

When pro-abortion former President Barack Obama took office, Obama overturned a policy that prevented funding of groups that promote or perform abortions overseas. The Mexico City Policy covered over $400 million in federal funds, part of which flowed to the abortion businesses Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International for their foreign efforts.

As reported, the pro-life policy had been in place during the entirety of the Bush administration and Obama rescinded it on his first week in office. -READ MORE

In the brief moments after the inauguration of Trump, it would greatly appear as though sanity has returned to the White House, at least for now.