Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat claimed that because of Donald Trump’s policies the European Union, EU, should go after the “opportunity for leadership it has always craved.” In other words, the communist European Union wants the title of ‘leader of the free world’ taken away from the United States of America.

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The prime minister claimed that countries around the world will be “looking” to Brussels for leadership in the aftermath of ‘Donald Trump.’

Muscat spoke as European leaders prepare to gather in his home country’s capital city, Valetta, for what will be the final meeting of the EU Council before Britain triggers Article 50.

In an interview with euractiv, he said: “The EU has to decide whether it is coming of age or not. That is the real big challenge ahead. Do we want to be the first of the followers or the leader?


“I do see this…as an opportunity for Europe to gain the leadership role that it has always craved for.

“There is an obvious vacuum where countries around the world are looking for leadership and this is an occasion that comes once in a couple of generations that Europe has now.”

Interestingly enough, in the aftermath of both Brexit and Donald Trump a plan is at play to make the European Union into a ‘Superstate.’

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Signed by both France and Germany, the document includes details for the creation of another superpower on the world stage. If such were to happen, the EU would be abolished and the European Superstate would be created; which would bring both another military and currency to the world stage as well.

Creating a truly Multipolar World Order is the long game for globalists because under such the potential for global war increases drastically; which upon the collapse the leaders could emerge from the shadows promising peace and harmony under a New World Order.

Given the reality that changing rivalries between countries is rather ripe as the foundational shift is underway, it should not be surprising that another superpower could emerge in the coming months.

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