The costumes and masks are starting to slip off at the masquerade ball that is the Obama regime. Every day brings more evidence that our nation is being run by a cabal of traitors who promote and are strongly associated with Islamic fundamentalist groups such as CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. The most visible example is the usurper in the White House himself.

They are working to subvert our Constitution and our laws and to flood our nation with a replacement population of inferior and more compliant subjects, diluting and destroying American sovereignty in the process. We are now being conditioned to accept other cultures as equal to and in some cases, as with the push towards Islamic Sharia law, superior to our own.

Our nation is being deliberately placed into harm’s way, both through inaction in defensive matters and deliberate subversive action, across the full spectrum of both domestic and international issues. We are under a stealth attack, with the enemy of America residing in many places domestically, including the White House.

Their operations have progressed to the point where they cannot be completely hidden any longer and the Obama regime is resorting to the use of lame and implausible excuses, feigned ignorance or the talk of action rather than action itself to divert attention or buy more time for their schemes. They also often simply ignore the problems rather than addressing them if possible.

They have quickened the pace of some of their operations behind the scenes, particularly at DHS and the State Department, in destructive programs such as those intended to flood our nation with foreigners. Their numbers include a huge increase in Muslim “refugees,” particularly Syrians and others from terrorist nations, upon whom only minimal screening and virtually no background checks are being conducted. We even now accept “refugees” who have in the past supported terrorists, provided it was only to a “limited” degree.

America’s anti-American government is assaulting us economically through the EPA, the Department of Interior and the UN and other “well-intentioned” mechanisms of restrictions to strangle our productivity in the name of false environmentalism and global conscience.

The power elite care about the world only to the extent that it relates to their control and exploitation of it. The environment is a tool, not a cause. It is a means by which to destroy our industrial capacity which carries with it the destruction of our economy and our ability to defend our nation against the ever-increasing threats.

As we witness Hussein Obama, the illegal alien Muslim Brotherhood operative, make excuses and talk about taking action on behalf of our nation rather than actually doing anything, the need for a course correction by the people must become apparent to all Americans. We must defend ourselves now or we will lose the ability to do so. We are under attack. The domestic usurpers of our government, of which Hussein Obama is the most visible, have declared war upon us. They are evil people who are working tirelessly to destroy us. Pretending that they merely have differing political views is dangerous self-disarmament and foolish wishful denial.

The Egyptians took to the streets when they were confronted with a situation such as ours and it resulted in the overthrow of the terrorists which had taken over their nation, those who were aligned with the Obama regime.

Do we not even have the sense of urgency to demand at a minimum that our representatives in Congress impeach the members of this communist cabal that is working feverishly towards our destruction? Do Americans value their freedom, security, lifestyle and traditions any less than the Egyptians?

Have we become too complacent, too addicted to our lives filled with hard work, leisure activities and family time to protect the freedom that makes it all possible? One way or another those questions will be answered. We may not like the results.

Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit

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