Putin declares The USA and NATO ENEMY #1!


The raging war of words is kicking stronger than ever. Russia is playing the bad guy while the bullies are, well bullying.



The truth is both sides are at fault, both sides are making maneuvers that are downright unlawful and risking the lives of everyone who would be caught in the middle. This is the decision by Putin directly after the US congress basically declared war on Russia.

HR758, the bill that has potentially changed the grounds between Russia and the USA. This bill is basically the approval of lethal aid to Ukraine. The definition is the revival of the cold war. Prior to this decision by congress is the building of the war rooms by Russia. Russian parties revamped their HQ for war times.

As you can see both sides are slinging verbal rocks at each other and costing the people of Ukraine, Syria, and others their lives with this proxy war that has yet to blow out of proportions. Just after the OPEC decision to keep oil production high, the US went friendly with Cuba. This exact same place is where Russian president Vladimir Putin months ago came with warships and reopened bases.


The road to world war 3 is pointing straight and true and there is not much time left before the two knucklehead-superpowers charge at each other with full force.

The Oil War has just begun and there are no signs of it stopping.

History has proven that Oil wars are not good for anybody. This time in the US the number of active rigs shutting down are quite high.

010215_0056_RussiaPutin2.pngThe economy is going to take a big hit after this one. Although things appear to be good for the moment it is important to know that this streak will be short-lived.

The loss of jobs, and the unemployed are going to skyrocket because simply 35 rigs shutting down on average a week is not good news. Those employees are hitting the market and already finding it extremely tough to find another job.

“The number of US oil rigs in operation keeps tumbling.

The latest Baker Hughes rig count data showed that the total number of US rigs in operation — which includes both oil and gas rigs — fell by 35 last week, to 1,840 from 1,875. This report is usually released on Friday afternoons, but was released on Monday due to last week’s Christmas holiday.

This is down from 1,920 for the week ended December 5. Oil rigs in use fell by 37 last week, while gas rigs actually rose by 2.

For the week ending December 12, the number of oil rigs in use fell by 27, which at that time was the single biggest weekly decline in two years. The following week, the number of rigs in use fell by 18.

The drop in oil rigs on Monday also comes alongside two discouraging pieces of news for the oil industry. The price of West Texas Intermediate oil is crashing again, touching $53 a barrel for the first time since May 2009 and declining more than 3% on the day.” –Business Insider


The main point is that this is an aggressive move by the United States to simply damage an already brittle Russian Economy, but don’t take my word for it, take Obama’s.


BBC: President Barack Obama has said Vladimir Putin made a “strategic mistake” when he annexed Crimea, in a move that was “not so smart”.

Those thinking his Russian counterpart was a “genius” had been proven wrong by Russia’s economic crisis, he said.

International sanctions had made Russia’s economy particularly vulnerable to changes in oil price, Mr. Obama said.

He also refused to rule out opening a US embassy in Iran soon.

“I never say never but I think these things have to go in steps” he told NPR’s Steve Inskeep in the Oval Office.

‘Reliant on oil'”

The ultimate sign of child’s play… name calling. Obama has not only admitted that he is striking the Russian economy, but that Putin is flat out stupid.

In Obama’s own words “”You’ll recall that three or four months ago, everybody in Washington was convinced that President Putin was a genius and he had outmaneuvered all of us and he had bullied and strategized his way into expanding Russian power,” he said.

“Today, I’d sense that at least outside of Russia, maybe some people are thinking what Putin did wasn’t so smart.”

“The big advantage we have with Russia is we’ve got a dynamic, vital economy, and they don’t,” he said. “They rely on oil. We rely on oil and iPads and movies and you name it.”

“If we do for others what they need to do for themselves – if we come in and send the Marines in to fight ISIL [IS], and the Iraqis have no skin in the game, then it’s not going to last,” he said.

The above quote’s where taken from BBC: “USA Russia: Obama suggests Putin ‘not so smart'”

Truth is that both parties are working together, and this is the coming of the New World Order, this part is the destruction of the Global Economy and severing all ties with Russia. The main question is that who will strike first? The US has a plan in place to strike first… So does Russia.

In March 2013, the preemptive plan began, U.S. Moves toward Nuclear First Strike Capability

In September 2014, Russia formed a preemptive plan of its own as well, Russian General Seeks Nuclear First-Strike Option against US

The plans are in place and the trigger fingers are getting a little too happy. The latest move from Russia is that they declared NATO and the US enemy number one(s). Just as this happened NATO began to cover and say that they are not enemies.

Both sides have nuclear strike plans, both are on the brink.