Maryland School Shooting: Students Injured During Shooting At Great Mills High School

Just around a week ago, students at Great Mills High School in Maryland marched for stricter gun laws, now they themselves are falling victim to a school shooting. An individual has illegally brought a gun onto school grounds started yet another school shooting.

According to authorities and local news, the situation is contained, the school was on lockdown at 0846 on March 20th, 2018. Allegedly there are only two victims and authorities have stated that the shooter was, in fact, another student.

“Our prayers are with students, school personnel, and first responders,” he said.

St. Mary’s County Sherriff’s office confirmed that they were on scene and urged parents to go to Leonardtown High School to reunite with their children.

Maryland State Police troopers, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive’s Hyattsville offices, and FBI agents are also assisting.

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