Western civilization has survived for many centuries, but now according to experts, the West could collapse because of these two important factors. Minus an existential event, a societal collapse could relatively take place because of either ecological strain or economic stratification.

Several scientists have published similar findings in regards to the possibility of a societal breakdown. But according to Safa Motesharrei, a systems scientist at the University of Maryland, who uses computer models to interpret further the mechanisms that can cause such an event or a series of events, there are two main reasons why we could be heading for a collapse.


The two main factors explained by “experts.”

Ecological collapse is defined as “depletion of natural resources such as groundwater, soil, fisheries, and forests.”

Economic stratification may lead to collapse all on its own. Within this scenario; “elites push society toward instability and eventual collapse by hoarding huge quantities of wealth and resources, and leaving little or none for commoners who vastly outnumber them yet support them with labour.”


Disaster comes when elites push society toward instability and eventual collapse by hoarding huge quantities of wealth and resources

According to the computer models created by Safa, both scenarios define a ‘carrying capacity’ – a total population level that a given environment’s resources can sustain over the long term.

“If we make rational choices to reduce factors such as inequality, explosive population growth, the rate at which we deplete natural resources and the rate of pollution – all perfectly doable things – then we can avoid collapse and stabilize onto a sustainable trajectory,” Motesharrei said. “But we cannot wait forever to make those decisions.”

Both factors play a role currently in society today, and both factors explain exactly what the elite are doing to this planet today, and how they plan to play the ‘good guys.’ The people that gathered their wealth off the backs of commoners that make up the 1% are now the ones detailing to the populace that we have to limit population growth and ecological strain. Meanwhile, their companies are the ones who have in large part created the pollution problem, created the environmental strain, and created the current economic imbalance.

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The one percent then has the audacity to then brainwash the citizen into a socialistic mindset where one can’t obtain wealth from a free market. Instead, everyone should just earn the same amount, eat the same trash, and live in the same apartment. All the while the people are busy trying to afford life, the 1% have since begun to apprehend the ability to replace the need for a workforce.

According to the computer models the current global structure, the economic stratification, and the ecological strain the world is potentially heading for a collapse, but what further accelerates the scenario of a collapse? The often occurrences of nonlinearities or sudden, unexpected changes in the world’s order. Fantastic, because the world just went multipolar with the selection of Donald Trump and the Brexit.

The Syrian case aside, another sign that we’re entering into a danger zone, Homer-Dixon says, is the increasing occurrence of what experts call nonlinearities, or sudden, unexpected changes in the world’s order, such as the 2008 economic crisis, the rise of ISIS, Brexit, or Donald Trump’s election.

Is the world actually heading for a collapse?

According to the computer models and the studies conducted by several universities, we are in the “danger zone.” However, we must understand the agenda before us.

What in large part began in September 2015, was the Sustainable Development agenda, in accordance with the United Nations several large corporations and conglomerate organizations signified to the world that the takeover had officially begun.

Special interest groups behind the UN have long sought out the day when an ecological takeover could begin, the following year in 2016 when the Paris agreement was signed by several of the world countries, their totalitarian agenda of climate control came to the world stage.

Over the course of the next several years, robotics a field of technology will undoubtedly replace the need for a human workforce, thus further removing the economic stratification scenario from fulfilling as the world elite gather droves of the world’s wealth without the fear of a collapse from the lack of labor.

Every aspect of their agenda is connected, and every move made is in the direction of the end game, societal collapse, which according to their ‘experts’ we are heading right for.

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