The New World Order Elitists are set for their annual meeting in Davos this January 2017 hosted by the World Economic Forum. The meetings are comprised of Influential business leaders, lawmakers, banking and tech billionaires, and Hollywood celebrities.

This year’s conference is titled; “Responsive and Responsible Leadership” and its official agenda describes a “weakening of multiple systems.”

The erosion in reference is the reality that nationalism and populism are rising, and the globalization movement is declining.

The WEF (World Economic Forum) states that the total rejection of globalism will lead to a downward spiral of the global economy fueled by protectionism, populism, and nativism.

Meanwhile, in the background another movement is growing, the fourth industrial revolution. The 4th, for short, revolution is comprised of mainly technology and automation. One explanation for the fourth is that while in previous industrial revolutions humanity built machines to become better tools; this time, humanity becomes the tool.

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The WEF is in large part a globalist gathering, and this year marks the 47th annual meeting, and in this session, the elitists will garner support from all walks of life and attempt to rededicate themselves to the cause of socialism and communism.

The WEF states that the current trend globally is the rise of the Multipolar World Order; as The Christian Journal said previously, this is a part of their agenda to begin about the New World Order.

The agenda is comprised of four foundational global shifts, and we are currently in phase three. See below.

Phase One – Unipolarity (done)

Unipolarity is used to describe the power structure when one superpower dominates alone. The end of the Cold War meant that the previous decades’ superpower rivalry now had ended. There was no longer the “traditional” East vs. West conflict, at least not the way it had been earlier in the 20th century.

The United States surfaced as the sole dominating power in world politics as there were no real challengers to their hegemonic position. This allowed greater room for the superpower to maneuver and to get involved in international issues that not necessarily coincided with national interest. We can describe this new political situation as being unipolar.

Phase Two – Bipolarity (done)

Bipolarity is used to denote the basic structure in the international system when it is dominated by two superpowers. This means that other states must ally themselves with one of the two major powers, which again limits their room to maneuver and thus result in more stable international politics.

Phase Three – Multipolarity (We Are Here)

A system of multipolarity increases rivalry in world politics, the reason being that many states of similar strength compete for power and influence. These states are often uncertain of other states’ intentions, which increases the probability of military action. Also, the power balance in this type of system is changing constantly, as a result of changing alliances.

Multipolarity denotes the fundamental power structure in an international system dominated by several large powers, and is characterized by antagonism between these.

Phase Four – The New World Order

After the collapse of the short-lived multipolar world which led to World War Three, a new world will commence. That international order would be the return of an oligarchy, or in other words, the world would be centralized under a single governance. Under this New World Order, there would be no borders, a single currency, a single religion, operated under highly advanced technology (Artificial Intelligence).

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When Donald Trump was selected, a foundational shift occurred, and it signified that the current trend of globalization was over. For decades, analysts have warned that the only way to bring about their New World Order, is to utterly demolish the current world order which has been in place since the founding of the United Nations.

While this order has many different sections, categories, and spiritual manifestations; one is exceedingly clear; chaos.

During the early stages of the fourth, and the populism rise; many will notice the job market spontaneously dry up, and it won’t be because of illegals, or our jobs are shifting overseas, it will be because of automation.

This movement has gained such momentum that several countries are beginning to bring about Universal Basic Income, or in other words a total welfare state.

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Given the rise of automation and the populist movements around the world, there is firm evidence that civil unrest is coming, and what starts as civil unrest could decay into wars and rumors of wars. The constant rivalry and division could easily, and eventually lead to a global war, and thus will collapse the old world order and many of the populist nations with it. After such takes place, then comes the New World Order.

The elitists meeting at Davos 2017 are planning on how to ‘weather the storm;’ because this collapse will not happen overnight. But rather it will come in a system of waves, with each wave a section of the old order gets demolished, and this could be why they call this years’ meeting the “weakening of multiple systems.”

What say you reader?