Quietly, the United Nations is rolling out advancements to its objective of undermining education as a whole, with the purpose of creating a single system for learning globally.

Sounds far fetched right? Well, meet the new Global Education Institute unveiled by the United Nations in South Korea. The education institute was named after former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon and is designed to incorporate higher education with sustainable development. The reason being according to the United Nations it is an educated person that threatens Agenda 2030.

However, the new institute is only just now being constructed, and the ceremony for the construction of such was on July 11th, 2017. At which they delivered remarks in regards to the reasoning behind the new institute.

“The three axes of globalization education are peace, development and human rights,” Ban was quoted as saying. Of course, he did not point out that the UN means something very different by the term “human rights” than America’s traditions of God-given, inalienable individual rights.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the full fledged scheme of the institute is to “align institutions of higher education, scholarship, and research with the UN.”

UNAI Korea is building the Ban Ki-moon Global Education Institute (GEI) to help realize the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and nurture related global experts. The UNAI is short for the U.N. Academic Impact, an initiative launched by then-U.N. chief Ban in November 2010 to align institutions of higher education, scholarship and research with the U.N. At present, more than 1,000 institutions in over 120 countries and some 40 academic networks are now members.

The institute will focus its efforts on carrying out SDG research, supporting developing countries and nurturing related youth leaders.


In other words, all collegiate institutions around the world aligned with the UNAI’s goals will indoctrinate young people into activism towards the one track output based on accomplishing Agenda 2030. As stated above there are already 1,000 institutions involved in this elaborate scheme to control education.

Senior leaders of the United Nations gathered on July 11th, 2017 not to create a pathway to higher education but rather to impose on every child on the planet their globalist agenda. Thus, the United Nations can single handily indoctrinate droves of students into their whims of knowledge, and socialism.

The United States is a democratic republic, the United Nations is a socialistic and communistic organization, thus with the inclusion of the UNAI’s education program our government can be undermined by graduates of the UNAI’s institutions because students would be solely indoctrinated into socialistic practice rather than democratic governance.

A single system of education refutes intellectual diversity, for one simple reason, a select group of individuals create the textbooks based on their agenda, and depending on that agenda it could spell dire consequences for the younger generations. The one track education system is precisely what the ‘leaders’ of the United Nations are rolling out, openly.

An intellectually diverse global populace threatens their agenda because of freedom, literally, enough said.