A pair of LGBT activists on Twitter are claiming that pedophilia is merely a sexual orientation. Further, the activists appear to be supporting the incredibly incorrect ideology that ‘child sexual abuse does not cause long-term harm.’

In addition, the thread posted by @vaceyi appears to conclude that pedophilia is natural and that it is just another sexual orientation. The individual also claims to use ‘peer reviewed studies’ to claim that child abuse does not cause long term harm to children.

One of the studies utilized by the twitter account is “A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples” which was authored by Bruce Rind of Temple University, Philip Tromovitch, and Robert Bauserman of Stevenson University.

The Twitter account belonging to @vaceyi posted the following specifically;

“Pedophilia is a sexual orientation you bigots”

Further, the individual created a thread of tweets where the individual goes on to claim; “That is to say, there is no demonstrable connection between sex and harm to children. Rind hypothesized this was because the definition of “child sexual abuse” was too broad to be scientifically useful.”

The subject utilized the aforementioned study to affirm their beliefs and to purportedly prove that child sexual abuse does not cause harm to children.