Christian Woman Barred From Entering The United Kingdom Based on Ancient Islamic Blasphemy Laws


The United Kingdom barred a Christian right-wing activist, Lauren Southern, from entering the country for the alleged violation of ancient Islamic Blasphemy laws.

Lauren Southern is a right-wing social media personality and has previously worked for outlets such as Canadian based Rebel Media. Lauren was barred from entering the UK on the basis that she allegedly is a terrorist because of a social experiment she and others conducted which included the distribution of a flyer that criticized Islam.

Officially, according to Fox News, who spoke with UK border control, Southern was refused entrance on the grounds that her entry was not “conducive to the public good.” She was detained and questioned as though she was plotting a terrorist act at the border in Calais, France.

However, as per her admission, she had no plans to conduct such, instead, she was merely attempting to visit friends. After the ordeal, Southern was granted the opportunity to speak before Parliament, which you can see below;

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The social experiment Southern refers to is one she and Tommy Robinson conducted which entailed distributing a fake “LGBT for Islam UK” poster that said: “Allah is Gay, Allah is Trans, Allah is Lesbian, Allah is Intersex, Allah is Feminist, Allah is Queer, Allah is All of Us.” The pair conducted the experiment in response to several media outlets based in the US and the UK distributing news articles detailing that Jesus Christ was gay, a trans, and so on.

The experiment was conducted to see exactly what the Islamic response to such would be, and evidently Lauren Southern discovered exactly what the response was when she was barred entrance into the United Kingdom.

However, Lauren Southern was not the only individual banned in regards to controversial content being either distributed or even spoken about in the United Kingdom. In addition to Southern’s ban, just days prior Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone of the group Generation Identity were refused entry to the U.K. when they landed at Luton Airport on Friday. According to the Home Office, they were both detained and eventually removed on Sunday after being judged that their presence was also “not conducive to the public good.” Previously, talk show host Michael Savage and blogger Pamela Geller were also barred entrance into the UK.

Southern stated to Fox News in regards to the bans; “It seems it could be marking the end of conservative speech in the U.K. or the beginning of an era of serious censorship.”

The United Kingdom is apparently barring people entrance into the country on the grounds of ideological restrictions which detail that a new governing structure is potentially underway that moves the nation away from free speech and into government-controlled indoctrination.