Ron Paul Secession is here, and this is the end of the fed! Good News is….


It is important to keep this in mind, that when the governmental employees such as congressmen, and others make these sorts of announcements, we ought to pay attention. According to Ron Paul, it is no longer coming it is here and the FED is ending. Only time tells.

Ron Paul just announced the “Good News” that secession is here. He also mentioned that this is the end of the Federal Reserve and that this will bring down the entire federal system. While that seems to be a great option, the chances are next to none. Fantasy is, still believing in a corrupt to the core government that has yet to do anything about what is going on in America today. Reality is, that the powers that be have their grips in this government that it goes to almost all levels of every section of the US government, including state governance, so this actually happening is extremely unlikely unless planned by the powers that be. Ron Paul Secession is here:


“Former Republican presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul says secession is happening and it’s “good news.” Paul later predicted the states would stop listening to federal laws. “I would like to start off by talking about the subject and the subject is secession and, uh, nullification, the breaking up of government, and the good news is it’s gonna happen. It’s happening,” Paul, the father of potential Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, told a gathering at the libertarian Mises Institute in late January. The event Paul was speaking at was titled “Breaking Away: The Case for Secession.” Paul said secession would not be legislated by Congress, but would be de facto, predicting “when conditions break down…there’s gonna be an alternative.” “And it’s not gonna be because there will be enough people in the U.S. Congress to legislate it. It won’t happen. It will be de facto. You know, you’ll have a gold standard when the paper standard fails, and we’re getting awfully close to that. And people will have to resort to taking care of themselves. So when conditions break down, you know, there’s gonna be an alternative. And I think that’s what we’re witnessing.” Later, Paul said the Federal Reserve would end and the states would stop listening to federal laws they didn’t agree with. “The Fed is gonna end. There is going to be a de facto secession movement going on. The states are going to refuse to listen to some of the laws. We’ve seen tremendous success already with states saying to the federal government, ‘We’re not gonna listen to you anymore about the drug laws.’ And they’re getting out of it, and I think the American people are waking up to that, and as far as I’m concerned, the more the merrier.” –BUZZFEED

Video of speech here:


The way that Ron Paul announced this, sounds very familiar. In fact, it sounds as though we have heard something like this before. According to the website which with further investigation on that website we will see the New Age Movement behind it, we will see also similar to what Ron Paul said, about the turn of events that will take place.

All of that information can be found here:

Be aware of the New Age capture moments while reading this. Don’t fall for the deception, now according to the website:

After The Event We Will Regain Paradise

Posted by: Therese Zumi on Feb 6, 2015 | 2 Comments

Original written by Therese Zumi May 17th 2014

Some hours ago Archangel Michael said that Ascension was at our doorstep. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will find the same things being said everywhere. Everything seems to show us that total change is imminent. We call this the time of the Ascension we call it the time of The Event we call it the Tsunami of Love we call it N.E.S.A.R.A we are all alluding to the same moment in time the time that Cobra describes as Compression Breakthrough. The energies involved in this Day of days are not explainable or fathomable in our language. We will find the words to describe It after the fact. After the signal – the so called Event Flash signal is given from the Mother it will travel through the Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Intergalactic Beings, through the Galactic Confederation, to the RM and within 20 minutes of the signal going from Mother what we call The Event will be taking place.
We have recently been informed that the Galactic Confederation ships are as of today the 17th May 2014 already directing the Cosmic Energies of liberation towards the energy boundary of our solar system.

The Many Events that The Event is Comprised of Will Unfold Naturally

Cobra has explained that there are RM operatives in every organization on this planet. Archangel Michael has also spoken of this during his many chats over the past couple of years with Steve Beckow. When the day for Change is at hand many of the people that we now know to be the so called leaders on this planet will have no say in anything anymore. The reliable – standing in the corner – RM person – who is fully aware of the situation in hand at all levels – and more than likely also totally clairvoyant – clairaudient and EVERY other clair – you can imagine – will calmly and quietly – in direct communication with the RM do what they have been planning to do for at least 40 years upon receiving the RM directive. On May 1st of 2013 I wrote an article to explain the 9 main Events that The Event is comprised of and I will add the link to it here below for those that may be interested.

The Event = A Well Oiled Machine

Cobra’s opening words from May 25th 2013 in LA were as follows; “It is a good time to be prepared more and more. When The Event happens, nobody is really ready. It will be a surprise. It will be very intense. It will be a fast transition, but a good one. We have never experienced something similar in our lifetimes. It is not just happening on the surface of the planet. Cosmically, it’s the END OF DARKNESS, duality and polarity. We are going beyond that. This has huge consequences for the evolution of the cosmos”……..
“After The Event, after the first few hours of the Event, there are certain trained groups that will take over the mass media. When the Rothschilds’ are removed, the trained individuals can go to the TV studios. The hard evidence and the scripts have been prepared, so people will be able to open their eyes to what they see on TV. It will be easy to deprogram people through their TV’s. The whole house of lies will just disintegrate. Truth can erase years of programming. That disintegration of programming will have a huge impact.”
TZ here: there has been an update that the RM will most likely now be able to use quite a few of the awakened well known media people to read the prepared scripts. Cobra informed us of this change in plans at the end of 2013. For more details of the Day see links below.

Regaining Paradise

Yesterday Archangel Michael said that this planet was originally planned as the ideal place to experience being a Divine aspect of the One in physical form. We were meant to be experiencing the joy of the physical here. At the time of Ascension many may have 5th, 6th and 7th Dimensional experiences {and a bit further on down the road even higher if desired} and yet because they have chosen to be here now on Gaia they will anchor again in 5th Dimensional Gaia. She Gaia is already in the 5th Dimension. The animals and kingdoms already experience that. Thousands upon thousands according to Michael have already experienced Ascension but because of a desire to be ‘way showers’ etc. they have done a U Turn – His words – and anchored in the lower 5th Dimension where the majority of Gaians will find themselves within the first few weeks after The Event. Just a reminder that the Wave will be paying several visits before the work is done.

Nova Gaia Society

When each and every member of society experiences the security of knowing that he/she has their place, their special role to play within the social structure that is when society functions at its very best. Many of you will have heard of the project that Michael Tellinger is working with called ‘Ubuntu’, it is a good example of the new way of existing on Gaia. On Nova Gaia there will be room for individual initiatives which will allow each person to excel at the work they most enjoy doing. Each person will contribute with their talents and gifts to the overall needs and goals of our new society. We will no longer have boring or dirty or dangerous or heavy work, nor shall we work many hours. Creativity will bloom in every corner of this beautiful planet. With free energy even the desert will be home to exotic plants again. We will work to support the cleansing of Gaia’s water etc. but it will be an easy job with the new technology that will be freely available. Finally we will unite worldwide and agree to take the responsibility to reform all the things that we have so longed to change here for so long but that have been impossible to achieve while the cabal were undoing every effort made in the right direction. In a short while the memory of the old 3rd will fade and we will begin to wonder if it really existed a little further along. We will begin a harmonious existence in a true sense of community.

What Are Your Unique Talents?

Find what motivates you NOW – there is no more time to waste – visualize your dream role in this new Nova Gaia – how your unique creativity can be utilized for your own joy and the joy and benefit of others. What do you love to do – there will definitely be a way for your true talents to be utilized very soon.

We Will Trust Again

In this old world order we have never really known who we could trust. Many times we have had relationships with friends and family and workmates who have had ulterior motives in their seeming friendships or associations. Some people have/are literally living a hellish experience now in their everyday existence – one example being the North Korean people in that awful sinister concentration camp experiment that is taking place there.
On Nova Gaia we will find ourselves automatically joining with true family friends and associates. They will not have ulterior motives in their allegiance or friendship with us.

No Lack – No Poverty

Archangel Michael made a point the other day of reminding us that there would never again be such a thing as lack or poverty on this planet after the time of the Event/Ascension/Tsunami. People generally speaking will find themselves in such a position as to finally have all the tools – economic and otherwise – at their disposal to initiate a well needed reform of their lives in the true sense of the word. We will find support among our new friends to make loving and beneficial decisions for our sake and ultimately for the sake of our new worldwide community.

No more Suffering

He – AAM – said clearly that we would no longer suffer the pain of disease and illness. This will also be in time a mere memory. We will find our bodies adapting and being renewed. We will be like new people on a new pristine clean astoundingly beautiful Gaia. The majority of people have especially in recent months been experiencing through many diverse body symptoms the preparation of this adaptation process.

Together We Will Create Heaven on Earth.

We are all Sovereign Beings – we will all finally be aware of the value of sovereignty – really know that ‘we are worth it’. As each soul finally blooms into the unique flowers that they are – as we each allow our true colours to shine – we will ignite one another with ideas and inspire each other to new heights of growth and beauty and joy.”

Can you see the similarity?