“Our kids innocence is not for sale!” Says Activist Mommy, Protest Pornographic Sex Ed

Activist Mommy exposes how Planned Parenthood and the like are producing pornographic sex ed materials and pushing them on innocent minds in the classroom. She has formed alliances nationwide to hold the Sex Ed Sit Out in protest of the grotesque nature of sex ed in public schools.

On Wednesday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) hosted an interview with Activist Mommy Elizabeth Johnston a vlogger, pro-life activist, and now the organizer of Sex Ed Sit Out. She is known for exposing the Human Rights Campaign, Planned Parenthood and the graphic nature of sex ed.

Tony Perkins opens the interview by saying that those who wish to sexually indoctrinate children will use whatever deception they need to get into the classroom and have been known to use anti-bullying as an in.

Activist Mommy home-schools her children, but through her vlog, she is able to extend a helping hand to parents who may not be able to do the same. She and her group are outraged in regard to the overtly sexual and pornographic nature of sex ed, which is why they organized their coming April 23rd event, Sex Ed Sit Out.

Source: PJ Media

Johnston explains that public schools are employing comprehensive sex education, meaning that across the entire curriculum, world history, science, and even in math word problems, sexual indoctrination is taking place. She says radical leftist organizations are providing funding for the school to push the sexualized propaganda, and school administrators are being deceptive in how the curriculum is being presented to parents if it’s even presented at all.

The curriculum claims to be teaching the students abstinence, but instead teaches them “how to masturbate one another, and perform oral and anal sex.”

“Our kid’s innocence is not for sale!” she proudly proclaims.

The movement behind Activist Mommy is global and growing. Their website for the Sex Ed Sit Out provides parents with graphics, protest signs, and a letter to the principal if they plan to participate by pulling their children out of school for the day.

They are doing various press events around the country and say, “everyone should be able to support this sit out.”

In a bold statement Activist Mommy addresses the school boards and administrators who are selling out children’s innocence for funding, “You are not allowed to rape the minds of our children with this pornographic material!”