Mixing Technology and The New Age Deception: Virtual Reality Heartbeat Triggers Out-of-Body Experience

The New Age Deception is afoot, and technology is paving the way for an interconnected reality, known as the Hive Mind. Virtual Reality has its stake in playing a significant role in paving the way towards such a world. A visual projection, using virtual reality, of human heartbeats can be used to generate an “out-of-body experience,” according to research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

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Out-of-Body experiences (OBE) are often used in the New Age Deception, witchcraft, and the occult. OBE’s are sought after for the purpose of gaining knowledge or power in the spiritual realm, astral projecting, curiosity, or for entertainment. In some cases, people use OBE’s to cause harm to others. For the most part, an out of body experience is desired for a spiritual reason, such as reaching a higher level of consciousness or enlightenment.

OBE’s as claimed by the researchers in Psychological Science would be used for “healing” purposes. The findings could inform new kinds of treatment for people with self-perception disorders, including anorexia. Interestingly enough, those who “astral project” or have OBE’s are more likely to be dissociated from reality because the soul is separated from the body and the individual will have trouble grounding back to reality.

It all comes with the domain, virtual reality – means that it is not real. Such is similar with OBE’S. However, the experience is “real.” Out of Body experiences induced by any other means than God or the Holy Spirit is playing with fire. Reason being, a demon can also do the same thing. During New Age “Meditation” it is often believed that an individual travels to a specified location “through the spirit.” However, what happens is a demon takes control of an individuals flesh while displaying “images” to the individual during their “meditation.”

Real meditation, can be found in the Word of God, and can be done when focusing on the Word of God. The truth is that any other form of meditation including yoga is opening oneself to the demonic realm and allowing demons to lay hold like a snake to an unsuspecting victim.

The digital version;

Volunteers in the study were fitted with a head mounted display (HMD), which served as “virtual reality goggles.” They were filmed in real time by a video camera connected to the HMD, which allowed them to view their own body standing two meters in front of them.

By also recording the volunteers’ heartbeat signals using electrodes, the timing of the heartbeat was used to trigger a bright flashing outline which was superimposed on the virtual body shown via the HMD.

After watching the outline flash on and off in sync with the heartbeat for several minutes, the subjects experienced a stronger identification with the virtual body, reporting that it felt more like their own body. They also perceived that they were at a different location in the room than their physical body, reporting feeling closer to their double than they actually were, and they experienced touch at a different location to their physical body.

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“This research demonstrates that the experience of one’s self can be altered when presented with information about the internal state of one’s body, such as a heartbeat,” says Aspell.

“This is compatible with the theory that the brain generates our experience of self by merging information about our body from multiple sources, including the eyes, the skin, the ears, and even one’s internal organs.”

“Patients with anorexia, for example, have a disconnection from their own body,” Aspell added. “They look in the mirror and think they are larger than they actually are. This may be because their brain does not update its representation of the body after losing weight, and the patient is therefore stuck with a perception of a larger self that is out of date.”

The ideology behind virtual OBE’s can be identified with that of the New Age Movement. The difference is that one individual is connected to technology, and the other thinks they are linked with their “higher self,” or consciousness.”

In closing, virtual reality is being utilized as a New Age technology, encouraging people to have out of body experiences and astral project which in turn allows demonic presences to enter. This is witchcraft and deception at its finest!

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