British Travelers Must Have an Electronic Microchip to Enter the United States

The US furthers the implementation of the electronic microchip by requiring biometric passports from British travelers.  As of April 1st, passengers will not be allowed in the US without the new biometric form of a passport. These passports work through fingerprint scans which are stored in a system and checked against the passport upon entry. Some of you may be thinking that this is a superb idea with all the identity theft going on these days, but while biometric scans may solve one problem, they cause many others.

The field of biometrics has taken off in the last decade. As more technological discoveries are made, biometric scanning has quickly become a way of everyday life for us. Whether it be through a fingerprint scan at the gym or tanning salon or new surveillance technology, our biological data is being taken from us and stored in mass quantities.

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Technology can be our best friend, but also our worst nightmare. Ideas have emerged to begin putting RFID chips in our bodies as an easy way to identify ourselves. If you were planning to implement RFID biometric technology, how would you introduce it to people who would be completely unwilling to accept it? You would start slowly, introduce it into something that they carry and identify with, such as a drivers license or passport. Slowly requiring them to use the new technology through personalization methods such as fingerprinting. Though it would take years, eventually the people would be desensitized to RFID chips being combined with biometrics, and then you could begin introducing the implantable RFID chip as a convenience.

The people who want to implement such a control grid understand our psychology, and they are patient. They know that if they push a huge change in the population, it will be met with strong resistance, but if they slowly draw people in, just as a mouse with cheese, the people will be trapped before they even know what happened.

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