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Region: Published: August 14, 2017  Updated: April 29, 2018 at 8:37 am EST

Are you ready for a world where robots can do similar things that humans can do? Rapidly approaching is a time period, where technology is capable of conducting similar tasks to that of humans and animals.

Boston Dynamics, considered a leader in the field of robotics, is constructing a way towards a future where humans and robots can work along side each other. However, Boston Dynamics is not alone in creating such. Rather, several other organizations are creating similar equipment, with one of the biggest being Amazon.

The conglomerate technology giant, famous for taking ’the mall’ online, is not only destroying brick and mortar stores, but it also acquired vast amounts of employees in the process and is now building robotics to replace the thousands of employees that work for the corporation worldwide.


Over the course of the next 20 years, studies estimate that 50 percent of all jobs will be swept up by robotics. In addition, the study indicates that ‘low-wage and low-skill’ jobs will be the first to go with the remainder of the workforce beginning to feel the punch of robotics and technology. Intriguingly, the wealthy and those who are considered ‘the elite’ are well aware of such a crisis coming down the turnpike and instead of attempting to thwart the rise are aiding and abetting the crisis.

The rise of robotics and the demise of opportunity.

Robots are taking our jobs — and they may have helped sway the last presidential election.
The prevalence of industrial robots in the Midwestern red states that helped determine the 2016 election suggests they may helped feed the “economic anxiety” that was often credited with boosting Donald Trump’s upstart campaign, according to an analysis from the Brookings Institution. – MarketWatch

With robotics expected to dominate the majority of available employment positions, the Davos elite, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations are devising a plan to place everyone on welfare, or what is formally called Universal Basic Income.

Universal Basic Income, is a fancy way of saying socialism, because instead of providing equal opportunity ‘the elite’ are planning to provide equal outcome. A governmental welfare system on such a scale cannot survive in a capitalist environment because the ability to distribute said welfare would destroy the entirety of the system. Instead, what is more likely to happen is the input of a communistic-socialistic economic system that will arise in its place, but bear in mind that the system will only slightly resemble that of the 20th-century political death machines.

However, in addition to this “new” economic structure, a government model would also have to come about that would regulate both the people and the economy. Such a system is in the works, and it is formally known as a technocracy. Those at the WEF, World Economic Forum, have already provided us a glance at the future, and mind you, it is daunting.


Technology has the ability to truthfully aid humans, but it also has the ability to bankrupt the purpose for ordinary folk in modern times. Those that seek such technology have a governmental system they would like in place as well, and it just so happens that it means the destruction of personal liberty.

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