Pole Dancers Want To Teach Your Pre-Teen Daughters How To Pole Dance; Classes Now Offered


In Blackburn Victoria you can sign your little girl up for Pole Dancing classes for just $180.00AUD for an entire 8 week course. During this class your teen and pre-teen daughter will learn how to roll, flip and tumble off of a pole, while wearing little to no clothing at all. 

At Pole Dancing Addiction, the experienced pole dancing instructors have now targeted your wee ones to become seductive professionals in the art of erotic dance. Pole dancing is most commonly performed inside of a gentlemans club while repulsive drunk men throw dollar bills on the stage in gratitude of their sexually provocative performance. 

By the end of Pole Dancing Addiction’s 8 week course, your little princess will be ready to perform on stage at the Miss Pole Dance performances, just like the professional pole dancer who taught her. Additionally, you can opt to continue paying for beginner classes for her to learn other techniques that will enable her to slide up and down a pole which is likely to stimulate a man’s sexual gratification.

Show of hands, how many people still think that no one is out to sexualize our children?